A hero

Jessica’s Hope

First of all, let me apologize because I am probably breaking the rules for posting a diary. This is not a long or in-depth analysis of some political position that affects us all. This is just a brief reference to a woman and a family who made a courage stand in support of life. I have the most meager connection to Clint Council and in fact, if I knew him and his family better I probably would be less likely to write this. But I was so impressed, inspired and moved by their story, that I thought I would share their website: Jessica’s Hope.

In a nutshell, Jessica Council (the mother) was diagnosed with cancer when she was pregnant with her daughter (“Little Jessie”). As you can well imagine, chemotherapy, radiation and other treatment therapies would have meant almost certain death for her preborn daughter; so she decided to forgo treatment to give her daughter the chance to live. Jessica Council died and her daughter was born several months premature at less than 2 pounds but is fighting for survival.

I am adamantly pro-life. Yet, in many ways, I am not sharing this with you as a manifesto for the pro-life cause. Note also, in the interest of full disclosure, that a fund has been set up and mentioned on the website but I personally am not asking or even suggesting that anyone donate. (And it should go without saying that I am not related to the Council’s and will not benefit in any way from their or your actions.) I just think their story is so courageous and inspiring that it deserves to be shared.

Again, my apologies to the Editors, Moderators, and members of this website if you think this is inappropriate. Please do what you think best. I simply ask that if you not delete it.

Many of us say that we are pro-life but here is a family who actually made their difficult choice in support of their pro-life beliefs.