The David Letterman story is not going to change a single vote

First of all, for the record, I think what David Letterman’s comments about Sarah Palin and her daughter was neither funny nor appropriate. Furthermore, he should be justly condemned and his sponsors boycotted. On this, I agree with a good many people here.

But what I think is silly (and sorry for the harsh word but the best word I can think of is “silly”) that somehow conservatives will gain benefit or political capital from this episode. For those who think otherwise, can someone please explain to me, How?

And seriously, would his comments have been any less tasteless if they were made against Michelle Obama and her daughters?

Hopefully, I trust the members of this forum would be as outraged if such “jokes” were made about them. Indeed, I do believe that most members of this forum would be outraged if such “jokes” were made about Michelle Obama and his daughters: despite our feelings about Michelle Obama and her husband.

(And trust me, some of the anti-Obama and anti-Michelle postings my wife would see during the campaign on “Southern heritage” conservative listservs she belonged to rivaled Letterman’s “joke” about Sarah Palin. So yes, things like that do happen from our side, too.)

The thing is, us thinking we can gain political capital from this makes even less sense than liberals who think they can gain political capital from going after Rush Limbaugh. Both are entertainers, not politicians: at least Limbaugh is considered a “political” entertainer. We will write front page stories about how silly it is for liberals to burn so many cycles going after Limbaugh but we don’t seem to recognize that it is at least as silly for us to burn so many cycles going after Letterman. Unless David Letterman himself decides to run for political office, most people couldn’t give a rat’s arse about his political leanings. They simply look at this and say that it was a tasteless comment by an entertainer. Meanwhile, Obama and the Democrats (and a few Republicans, too, but that is probably a different subject) go about their merry business destroying America’s constitution, economy and our place in the world. Some of us seem more upset Letterman’s joke than they are about that.

Yes, we need to defend “our own” but on this one, even NOW condemns Letterman’s comments. We can be putting our time and energy into better and more politically profitable endeavors.

So can we just decide to boycott David Letterman and his sponsors and get on with the business of presenting and fighting for a conservative alternative to what’s going on in this country?