The Reason we lost this election is quite simple!

We conservatives lost this election seven, six and five years ago because we did not stand up and fight for our principles when the Republican President and the then-Republican-majority Congress presided over the largest increase in the size of the Federal government since FDR’s New Deal.

We lost when we denounced opposition to the way the GWOT was being conducted as opposition as being unpatriotic. Even with all of his domestic policy heresies, if George Bush had initiated a “surge” strategy in 2005 or even sooner (interestingly enough, like John McCain wanted), I think the Republicans still would have prevailed this year. But instead, we “loyally” followed a failed strategy that allowed the Left to argue that America had lost and could not win.

We lost because nearly everytime our Republican President and our Repubican Congressmen violated a conservative principle — from “No Child Left Behind” to this Administration’s plan for the Federal government to purchase equity positions in (erstwhile) private enterprises — we conservatives were silent. Indeed, we often actively supported them.

Can we blame the American public for not believing conservatism works when for the last eight years, whenever this Administration initiated another big-government liberal — excuse me, “compassionate conservative” but I repeat myself — program doomed to failure, very few if any conservatives stood up to say that Bush’s programs were not conservative and because they were not conservative they were doomed to failure?

Can we truly blame the American public for not being afraid of Obama’s Marxism when for the last eight years we have already begun experiencing the slow drift to socialism under the guise of a “conservative” Administration (and a “conservative” Congress for the first six years of that)?

Even now, I do not think many of us can admit that Bush’s is a failed Presidency and that he was never a conservative.Let me state explicitly and unequivically what I have hinted at before: John McCain (the “Maverick” that we conservatives love to hate) is and has even been for the last eight years more conservative than President George W. Bush. Quite frankly, we and American as a whole would have been much, much better off if John McCain had been elected President in 2000 and 2004.

Indeed, on many subjects (not all, but many), Bill Clinton was more conservative and a more successful President than George W. Bush!

I could go one but it’s late, I’m tired and I am too depressed but I must ask the basic question to my fellow conservatives on RedState: What happened to our principles?

My fellow conservatives, where is our conscience?

To me, these are not rhetorical questions. Please feel free to use this diary as an open thread to answer them. I really want to know and we, as a movement, really need to know.