Why hasn't the press asked Obama if he is qualified to be President

By now, everyone here probably knows that I seriously question Governor Palin’s ability to step in “on day one” and be President if necessary. Although I think she is a very intelligent person, I still don’t think she has the experience necessary.

Perhaps we can all just agree to disagree on that.

But the thing is, Senator Obama is no more qualified than Palin to be President. Yet no one in the Press is willing to question him on that.My question to the McCain campaign is, now that the Press has admitted that the issue of “experience” is legitimate, why not press the Press to raise it against Obama. And highlight the fact that the Press hasn’t.

Instead of ads that claim Obama called Palin a pig (which I think is false) or that Obama wants to teach kindergarteners about sex (which is such an exaggeration that it is also false), why not ask the question of why isn’t the Press questioning Obama’s experience?

I have argued that McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin makes it almost impossible for him to raise the “experience” argument against Obama but the obvious bias of the Press does open up the opportunity to either highlight the liberal prejudices of the Media or force them to begin asking the questions of Obama that they should have been asking a year or two ago.

Either way, I think McCain wins.

And by the way, Sarah Palin and the McCain campaign should stop claiming that she initially opposed the “Bridge to Nowhere.” About the only place I see even Republicans supporting her claims is RedState.