It cuts both ways

Everyone here knows about my concerns about Sarah Palin’s readiness to take over the “big chair” if necessary and, quite frankly, a great speech — and her acceptance speech last night was GREAT — does not change my opinion. If great speeches are the qualifications for being great Presidents and Vice Presidents, then let’s just do what the MSM wants us to do and just proclaim Obama President now.But believe it or not, I am writing this quick blog more in the interest of comity. I thought I would relate an interesting experience.

A good liberal friend and Obama supporter was commenting about how, yes Sarah Palin gave a great speech but that a great speech doesn’t make her qualified for a high office. Of course, I agreed that Sarah Palin must do more than give a great speech in order to answer questions about whether or not she is ready to be the Vice President of the United States. But then I asked, “Shouldn’t Barack Obama need to do more than give a good speech in order to prove he is ready to be the President of the United States?”

The look of stunned silence was priceless.

And yes, I am still waiting for the reply.