Did I just step into "Bizarro RedState"?

I am in the middle of a big company re-org and I cannot dedicate the time I would like to dedicate to RedState. But I do come back and post every now and then and lately, I have seen a lot of interest in McCain nominating a woman VP to (quote) “get the woman’s vote” or to “get Hillary’s disheartened supporters.” And especially has the talk turned to Sarah Palin — a Republican I personally like but who is less than a one-term governor of a state with a population of less than the neighborhood I grew up in and who is currently embroiled in a possible scandal involving her former brother-in-law.

I’m for Sarah Palin in 2016 (or possibly even 2012 if McCain fails) but definitely not now.If we Republicans, if we conservatives, say we disapprove of identity politics and voting for someone because it is “their genders or ethnic group’s time,” then let’s stop suggesting candidates for that reason. Quite frankly, such rhetoric and thinking smacks of nothing more than identity politics and hypocrisy on our side. And personally, I thought as a matter of principle we were against that.

And unless you think I am a chauvinist and/or somehow picking on Sarah Palin, please search for my old comments on JC Watts, a Black conservative I like but who I also do not think would be good for the ticket this year.

Voting for Barack Obama because RedState — yes, RedState! — convinced me that experience does not matter but identity politics does!