Obama's Health Careless Plan: Only Good Enough For Us

National health care is anything BUT health care. The Health Care Bill is a covert attempt by the Federal Government to eliminate free-choice of health insurance for Americans, but Obama won’t admit this (except through video-bits that he’s been busted on). Face it, Obama is a liar to the American people, and Obama does not care about Americans.That’s why he’s trying to push fast and hard on passage of this National health care plan.

National health care is about Fed power and socialist control, not health care. Reading the HR3200 Bill and any of the various ideas about how to propose national health care is enough to sicken the healthiest of us. Talk about having the blueprint for high blood pressure….

If Obama wants to nationalize health care to help Americans and save money, why isn’t the Federal Government going to enroll? Why aren’t the Executive and Legislative Branches going to receive this health care? And why won’t the Union members be in this plan? This sounds fishy to me…..like that plan is good enough for us but certainly not them.

“National health care” will erode America’s excellent quality of medical care, leaving sick and injured Americans by the wayside while government procedures will be used to “manage” our health. Or ignore our health, depending upon the “worth” and “soundness” of the individual needing the health care. And tell me again why I will have to forfeit my very good insurance and my excellent doctors so that everyone-gets-insurance? Tell me again why I get penalized so that those who choose to not have insurance get some?

I can already predict the red-tape mass of entanglement. While 200 Federal employees try to find the procedural guideline for someone’s laminectomy, that patient will have been forced to quit his job and file disability. If you think the U.S. Tax Code is a tangled mass of conditional statements, what do you think the Federal Guidelines for Managed Health Care will be like? Do you care to find out?

The Federal Government has yet to adequately manage Medicare — how could we ever believe the Federal Government could handle the enormity of a national health care plan involving 300,000,000 Americans? And the underestimated price tag of more than $1 trillion just in the first 10 years is incomprehensible. How can this be justified?

Erroneous “facts” keep getting tossed out in the government-run media saying there are 47 million Americans uninsured. How many of those are actually AMERICANS? And how many of those people are uninsured BY CHOICE? Just today, the new Virginia uninsured numbers were made public and those statistics show that there is a large insured population in Virginia’s college towns (Harrisonburg, Blacksburg, etc).

Ask yourself these questions: Are you ready to accept Federal regulatory constraints with respect to your health? Are you going to allow the Federal Government to take over the health insurance industry under the guise of “health care” in the Health Care Bill? Are you going to allow the Feds to be an interference between you and your doctor?

In the HR3200 Bill on page 16, the section entitled “Protecting The Choice To Keep Current Coverage” is a tell-all. Under “Limitation On New Enrollment”, there is a grandfather clause on privately held insurance. The section of the Bill states:

“Except as provided in this paragraph, the individual health insurance issuer offering such coverage does not enroll any individual in such coverage if the first effective date of coverage is on or after the first day of Y1″ (Y1 is the year the legislation becomes law).

So, for those individuals who currently have private individual coverage, you are okay for now. You can keep your private insurance unless the company goes belly up. Or unless you lose your job. If you lose that insurance, you won’t be able to change it — you will forcibly enter the National Health Insurance Plan. And those individuals who leave a company to work for themselves will no longer be able to buy individual health insurance from private carriers.

So whether you lose or cancel your current private insurance, you will never be permitted to seek private health insurance again. You are forced into the National Health Insurance Plan. That is part of the “limitation of new enrollment” so that eventually ALL insured people will either be forced into the Government insurance plan or migrate there after retirement.

That sure does sound fishy….

Consequently, the guaranteed attrition rate of individuals going OUT of a private insurance plan will force these insurance companies out of business. Once there are few health insurance companies remaining, what choices will you have? That’s right….you get to choose between The National Health Insurance Plan and The National Health Insurance Plan.  Talk about fishy…..

Is this fair market competition? The bill on “National health care” was defined to “provide affordable quality health care for all Americans and reduce the growth in health care spending”. If the intention of the Federal Government’s “health care plan” is about cost, why not simply regulate the pricing schedule on insurance rates then? Why not force caps on medical procedures? The Federal Government is forcing salary caps on private business leaders now. The Federal Government is forcing corporations to limit bonus payouts and other perks.

If the Federal Government subsidizes a National Health Care Plan, the health insurance companies will go out of business. This plan will eliminate all competition, leaving the Federal Government in charge and in control of all medical health care in America. What will be next, manditory vaccinations? Publicized medical records of the rich and famous? I sure hope Joe the Plumber didn’t have any hinky medical procedures…..

The reality of Obama’s health careless plan is obsurd.  And unconstitutional. Any attempt to nationalize America’s health care is wreckless, immoral, and unethical.

This proposed “health care” is not going to be fair to me. Or to you.

The Federal Government has no business getting involved in my personal medical history or my lifestyle. This is UNCONSTITUTIONAL.  I am outraged that the Federal Government is planning to interfere with my medical professionals.I am angered that the Federal Government wants to dictate medical procedures and guidelines to practicing physicians and nurses.

No, I am not willing to bet my life on it, either. I am 100% opposed to Obama’s health careless plan and will spend countless hours fighting this battle.

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