Obama: The Repeat-Player

Obama has his eye on health care reform, stressing the need for national health care. Since this is Obama’s agenda-of-the-week, Obama and his Machine are pouring energy and money into this effort. On Wednesday, Obama will be pushing health care reform on ABC, and though he is urging nationalized health care, he denies this is what the new policy proposal is about.

So what exactly IS that policy? As of now, Obama he has no concrete plan or legislation, but Obama is a community organizer and a strategist who doesn’t need a concrete plan to present to Americans. Obama is calculating and he wants to sell Americans on a nationalized health care system that will be peddled as basic health care reform for those who have no insurance. So Obama is on his latest mission with his radical agenda, pushing nationalized health care and he plans to push forward as fast as he can, timing his efforts precisely. For Obama, this is his strategy for his radical agenda-based ideologies.

Obama is already hyping national health care. He has already been on the campaign trail appealing to Americans, pushing more of that hope and change he based his campaign on last year. Obama has pulled out the stops and plans to push national health care in a very timely fashion so that he can thrust this issue to the forefront of every American, making claims that cannot be met, making promises and statements that will never hold while using reasons that aren’t exactly true. How do we know? He’s done it before.

Obama’s plans to push his national health care in his predictable campaign style. His style and mannerisms are straight out of the Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. The Alinsky Rule he’ll use is “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions.

This week, Obama’s focus is on national health care and he will force America to focus on national health care, as well. He is using ABC, on Wednesday June 24, 2009 to help propel his ideology in a campaign for national health care. No debate. No opposing commentary or input. No GOP commercials. Obama will monopolize and control through this venue. Indeed, Obama believes he will be in full control by utilizing a national television station into his overt propaganda delivery-system. No doubt during air time, Obama and his teleprompter will convince Americans how critical this problem is. (cough) No doubt, Obama and his teleprompter will stress urgency, saying that Americans must act quickly, decisively, once again, to save our Nation from total devastation and despair. (cough, gag) No doubt, Obama will chant his hope and change rhetoric. (cough, gag, sputter)

But Americans have heard this before. In fact, we have heard this often. It’s old. But Obama will resort to his campaign style once again to sell America on the needed national health care policy he has not even written. The reality, though, is this national health care is yet another policy with rapid, unprecedented changes that warrant cautiousness, not the immediate action item Obama is selling.

Tracking Back

Obama is a repeat-player. He’s done this before. He’s even done this before he became the President. There is no surprise to learn that Obama’s radical agenda-based ideology has not changed, either. His persuasive methodologies use strategies built with powerful connections, money, and organizational associations to push an agenda. Obama is calculating and he is setting up the game board for his next agenda-based policy.

From his early days to his years as a community organizer, Obama learned to strategize carefully: carefully plotting, calling in favors, directing funds towards associates or organizations that would help his radical agenda-based ideology. Obama sets it up like a seasoned chess player.

Earlier in his career, Obama was involved in a number of left-wing and radical non-profit organizations. In time, Obama rose to power inside several of these organizations and he became powerfully connected both with people and with money. Obama learned early to use those connections to serve himself and his agenda.

Obama was on the Board of The Woods Fund of Chicago (1993-2001) and the Director of The Joyce Foundation. While Obama served as the Director of The Joyce Foundation (1994-2002), he was also a member of the Illinois State Senate (1997-2004).

As Board Member at The Woods Fund

Obama was busy while he sat on the Board at The Woods Fund. A number of grants were made to the politically-charged organizations like the Trinity United Church of Christ where Obama attended since the 1980s. Other grants given during Obama’s service on the Board went to ACORN and to Neighborhood Rejuvenation Partners, run by Allison S. Davis, a developer represented by Obama’s law firm. Davis, incidentally, was also Obama’s previous boss and campaign contributor.

During the time that Obama remained on the Board at Woods Fund, a number of grants were given to organizations that later contributed to Obama’s campaign. In fact, the pattern of funneling money to his political allies and their allies is evident throughout Obama’s association with the Woods Fund. Brighton Park Neighborhood Council, Business and Professional People for the Public Interest (BPPPI), the Center for Neighborhood Technology, Centers for New Horizons, the Chicago Jobs Council, the Chicago Education Fund, the Chicago Institute on Urban Poverty, the Chicago Urban League, and The Gamaliel Foundation. Following the money trail, board members and officials from these organizations would donate money to Obama’s campaigns.

During Obama’s time on the Woods Funds, ACORN received grants of $45,000 (2000), $30,000 (2001), $45,000 (2001), $30,000 (2002), and $40,000 (2002) from the Woods Fund.

As Director of The Joyce Foundation

As the Director of the Joyce Foundation, Obama used his position to steer funding into specific areas that aligned with his own agenda. Obama understood how his carefully planned strategy could provide a strong foundation for any agenda he wished to push forward.

One agenda Obama focused on involved the elimination of the Second Amendment – an individual’s rights to bear arms. Obama did not support individual rights to bear arms and while he served as the Director of the Joyce Foundation from 1994 to 2002. As well, The Joyce Foundation took a position of anti-gun opposition, too.

Under Obama’s Directorship, The Joyce Foundation became vocal in their belief against an individual’s rights to bear arms. As opposition grew, the Foundation was determined to increase their attack on the Second Amendment.

During this time, Ohio State University formed a Second Amendment Research Center paid for by The Joyce Foundation. Obama realized that his Foundation had the opportunity to award Foundation money into this Research Center to serve his agenda. While Obama was the Director at The Joyce Foundation, the Board decided to provide OSU with a $400,000 grant to fund the Research Center.

The Joyce Foundation was aware of future Second Amendment court cases, knowing that both precedence and law reviews serve the courts in making decisions. The Joyce Foundation began granting millions of dollars to universities for anti-gun writings and law reviews that would lay a firm legal foundation for their agenda.

Obama’s ability to funnel grant money for anti-gun the Second Amendment Research Center just happened to coincide with an upcoming Supreme Court case. The Joyce Foundation grant was awarded in December 2002, in time to potentially influence a Supreme Court Appeals case, District of Columbia v. Heller, challenging the Second Amendment and an individual’s rights to bear arms.

Obama, serving as Director of the Joyce Foundation, used his position and Foundation money to influence the Supreme Court case, hoping a judicial change to the Second Amendment could serve the anti-gun movement.

Obama almost succeeded in his agenda to destroy Americans’ individual right to bear arms. The individual rights view won out in the Heller Supreme Court appeal, but only by 5-4. The four dissenting Justices were persuaded in part by Joyce Foundation’s funded writings, down to relying on an article which misled them on critical historical documents.


Past history is an excellent teacher. Upon examination of Obama’s past history, we see how Obama operates and plays the game. We now understand how Obama has become skilled as an organizer and plotter to achieve the outcome he desires, no matter how radical or unethical his agenda may be.

Once a player understands their opponent’s strategy, they have a stronger tactic. “Know thy enemy and know thy strength.”

Like Obama’s calculating role in attempting to destroy our Second Amendment Rights, Obama is attempting to now destroy America’s private health care system as we know it. Obama is attempting to nationalize our health care and he will stop at nothing to achieve his radical agenda. Obama, his associates, and numerous organizations and large corporations are funneling money into a nationalized health care plan that is not even defined at this point.

Is America really going to allow Obama to win at his game? Are we really going to watch him declare, “Checkmate” ?