Doesn't Obama Want To Count Them Now?

Since Obama has become President, media coverage on the U.S. troop casualty list has apparently vanished. One might believe that the Iraqi war vanished. One might also be led to believe that there isn’t another war in Afghanistan either. Very little media coverage is heard and there is NO coverage on the U.S. troop casualties. Certainly, Obama does not want direct association with the Afghanistan operation, and it is apparent that Obama wants no direct association with any U.S. troop casualty list, either. No doubt, as Commander in Chief, Obama has given his marching orders.

If the information is buried and it isn’t reported, it doesn’t exist. That’s the hype of transparency Obama was talking about while campaigning, isn’t it? Obama believes If you can’t see it, it doesn’t exist. Sure, Barry.

The U.S. troop casualty list hasn’t vanish though. Nor will the DoD list of American soldiers who paid the ultimate price to fight against terrorism.

Doesn’t Obama want to count the casualties now? Doesn’t Obama want the general public to know the reality?

Simply put, no.

Because now, Obama has blood on HIS hands.

War kills, and despite his weak campaign promise to end the war in Iraq, he hasn’t. And already, during his short-stint as President, he not only hasn’t ended the Iraq war, he has engaged in a second war. Did the Commander in Chief do an about-face, forward march?

Despite Obama’s attempts to not disclose U.S. casualties in the fight against terrorism now, the U.S. casualties continues. In fact, here are the figures for the first 3 months of 2009:

IRAQ Total casualties Jan to April 2009 51

  • US Casualties 50
  • Other countries 1

AFGHANISTAN Total casualties Jan to April 2009: 84

  • US casualties 47
  • Other countries: 37

Despite Obama’s attempts to minimize our wartime casualties, let’s remember our fallen U.S. soldiers. Let’s continue to recognize the service and the price they have each paid to our Nation in the fight against terrorism.

Total Fatalities
IRAQ Operation Iraqi Freedom: 4,247
AFGHANISTAN Operation Enduring Freedom: 667

The Dept. of Defense statistics continue to report the casualties. And this organization provides the casualty list, too.

May each soldier rest peacefully.