Watch how smooth Hillary is in her lies. How very smooth....

The now famous January, 1992 60 Minutes interview when Bill (with Hillary by his side) was fending off Gennifer Flowers affair allegations is fascinating to watch. Knowing what we know now, it’s stunning to see how smoothly they lie — both of them.   See for yourself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5IpJUfy-Roo


Back “in the day”, writer Joe Sobran said a lot about him, her, and them. Re-watching that long-ago interview prompted me to page through the late writer’s newly republished HUSTLER: THE CLINTON LEGACY. Given Hillary’s candidacy, Sobran’s observations about HILLARY are as timely today as they were nearly two decades ago.



  • “Bill Clinton is a pure huckster, but Hillary seemed to be a true believer.  It comes as a kind of relief to find she’s made of the same stuff as her husband. Her fanaticism has never gotten in the way of her profit.”
  • “Clinton admits he lied to us once, but he reminds us that he has told us the truth ‘hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of time’.  He seems to think that if you lie less than half the time, you are, on balance an honest man. And even though he has had a few flings, he’s been a faithful husband hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of times.”
  • “Hillary’s image as Bill’s better half — the ‘ethical’ member of the family — is shot. There is no love lost between these two. They are like members of a trapeze act who hate each other’s guts, but can’t let go: if one falls, the act is finished.”
  • “Hillary Clinton has already turned out to be the sort of devious and self-serving operator she used to denounce.”
  • “It appears that the Clintons’ marriage has been good and dead for a long time, and that the price of Hillary’s cooperation in Bill’s quest for the presidency was a share of the spoils. In other words, the White House became the object of a de facto property settlement in a bitter but unannounced divorce between two extremely ambitious people.”


There’s more like the above in HUSTLER: THE CLINTON LEGACY by Joe Sobran. Amazon carries the book.