The Beauty of Harmony

Beautiful flowers, green leaves because of the snuggling only appear pure and Xianrun; that the bluest of blue sky, white clouds because of the sweep only appeared solemn and quiet and tranquility; that broad land, because of an influx of all things kiss, it seemed peaceful and fragrant. And a person, a family, a society, or even a country, not also because of the interdependence of each other against the background, mutual promotion and common development with only showing a colorful harmony that do? Harmony, as if a painting is like a song. Produce a beautiful harmony, and harmony into strength.


    Harmony and beauty lies in tolerance. Because we have only harmony and tolerance. Tolerance is the seed of human emotions, she could in the human mind to take root on this piece of pure land germinate under the protection of love grow. Tolerance of the heart is so great that she was able to extinguish anger, she can touch the hearts of evil, spread kindness, she was able to selfless dedication, and never cared about. She let us enjoy the sun in general warmth, moisture and rain in general – and tolerance and harmony actually fantastic!


    Harmony fame and fortune by the United States will not tolerate tied, and only sought fame or fortune can truly be called harmonious beauty. Eagle is to Fighting the sky and the freedom of flying in the sky, rather than to show off their wings. Therefore, the infinite sky, given its free and happy space; sail only for winds and waves in the sea, fighting wind and rain, rather than boast of his mast mast. Thus, the vast seas and wide for its Haozhuang paradise. In fact, you too, as long as you use an ordinary heart to look at but also to find their own constellations!


    There is a beauty to bring to life the warmth and harmony of the United States – with us.