Marco Rubio should be the GOP's nominee

If the newest Floridian polls of Rasmussenreports.com are accurate, they clearly indicate which direction should the GOP choose.

The poll pertaining to the GOP’s nomination says that Charlie Crist and Marco Rubio are equally likely to win it, so it belies liberals’ claim that Rubio cannot win the nomination. Several months ago, polls evidently favored the Floridian governor over the young Cuban-American.

The poll pertaining to the scheduled general election indicates that whichever Republican wins the GOP’s nomination, he will win the election, but Rubio would win in by a much bigger vote margin than the governor would. (http://tinyurl.com/klxv6l) Rubio would win by 14 pp (49%-35%), whereas the governor would win by 6 pp (42%-36%).

When the NRSC and its chairman endorsed Charlie Crist, they claimed that only he could win the 2010 general election. They were wrong.

These polls have proven that a new commitment to conservative principles (limited government, a capitalist government, traditional families and a strong defense) is the right direction for the GOP, and that the direction proposed by the NRSC and by John McCain is the wrong direction.