The Soviet Navy as of 1983

Some liberals falsely claimed that the Soviet military was weak during the Reagan era and that the Reagan-orchestrated defense programs and defense spending were not needed. These liberals lied.

When Reagan became President on 20th January 1981, the Soviet military was significantly stronger than the US military. Compare the Soviet Navy to the USN:

As of 1983, the Soviet Navy was significantly larger than the US Navy. The Soviet Navy boasted 67 SSBNs (including 2 Typhoon class SSBNs, each of which had 200 nuclear warheads installed on its missiles); 15 conventional ballistic missile subs; 48 nuclear-propelled cruise missile submarines (armed with nuclear warheads); 17 conventional cruise missile subs (also armed with nukes); 70 nuclear-propelled hunter submarines; 159 conventional hunter submarines; 3 aircraft carriers; 2 helicopter carriers; 2 nuclear cruisers; 30 missile cruisers; 11 light cruisers; 99 frigates; 61 light ships; 131 ASW corvettes; 27 missile corvettes; 100 missile OPVs; 62 hydropteres; and hundreds of smaller ships.

The total tonnage of the Soviet Navy accounted for 55% of the combined tonnage of all navies of the world. This means that the tonnage of the Soviet fleet was larger than the combined tonnage of all other navies COMBINED. Compared to the Soviet Navy, the USN was a miniscule fleet.

The air arm of the Soviet Navy had: 270 Tu-16 bombers; 87 Tu-16  bomber-patrollers; 45 Tu-95 bomber-patrollers; 6 Tu-22 patrollers; 40 Tu-22 bombers; and 85 Tu-22M bombers. That was a total fleet of 533 bombers and bomber-patrollers.

The source: http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marine_soviétique#A.C3.A9ronautique_navale

Ronald Reagan addressed that inequality.