The GOP must embrace fiscal conservatism

For many years, liberals masquerading as “moderate Republicans” have been claiming that the GOP must embrace fiscal liberalism to win elections, and that the Party must choose: either Americans’ votes or fiscally conservative policies.

These liberals were wrong. The American people have repeatedly said that they demand a limited government, not a welfarist bureaucracy. The vast majority demands a capitalist Republic, not a European-style socialist state.

Yesterday’s RR poll indicates that 66% of Americans demand a limited government of lower spending than the current levels of spending and lower taxes. That’s right, the VAST MAJORITY of Americans demands a limited government with a small budget. (http://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/politics/mood_of_america/america_s_best_days)

That is what is demanded 88% of GOP voters, 63% of independent voters, and 86% of conservatives. Liberals, of course, prefer a “social democracy” like Germany.

62% of Americans say that tax reductions are better tools to solve the economic crisis than Congressional appropriation Acts.

On the issue of the Fair Tax – which hasn’t been explained to most Americans yet – a plurality of Americans (44% of voters) favors the Fair Tax policy as a replacement for the current federal tax system, and only 36% of voters oppose it. 20% of Americans haven’t decided their opinions yet. (http://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/business/taxes/december_2009/24_favor_national_sales_tax_65_oppose)

65% of Americans oppose a sales tax as an addition to the Federal Tax System, and only 24% of voters approve of such an addition to the tax code. Please note that the Fair Tax is a proposed REPLACEMENT for the current tax code. Nothing else should be called “The Fair Tax”. A sales tax that would not replace the current tax system is not the Fair Tax and should not be called the Fair Tax.

To win elections, the GOP must embrace fiscally conservative policies.