The "defense policy" of Bob Gates is a disarmament policy

Robert Gates and his boss, Barack Obama, repeatedly claimed that their “defense policy” is a reform policy, designed to “reform” the Pentagon, how it buys stuff, and what it buys. But they lied.

Their ludicrous “defense policy” is not a reform policy, but rather disarmament. They’ve failed to reform anything. What their “defense policy” is really about is disarming the US military unilaterally by reducing defense spending and closing (or reducing) dozens of necessary defense programs.

Why have they adopted such a ludicrous policy? Not just because they personally believe in the pacifist ideology of total disarmament, but also because they’re hostages to the pacifist groups (such as the “Caucus for Priorities” and the “Center for American Progress”) which elected Obama.

When speaking to the C4P, Obama promised that he would:

1) reduce defense spending (which he believes to be waste) by “tens of billions of dollars”;

2) reduce investments in “unproven” missile defense systems (for liberals, every missile defense system is unproven);

3) slow the development of Future Combat Systems;

4) institute a liberal defense spending commission;

5) pursue the goal of nuclear disarmament;

6) significantly reduce America’s nuclear arsenal;

7) refuse to develop any new nuclear weapons.

Later during the campaign, the C4P demanded that Obama abolish the following programs: FCS, F-22, Airborne Laser,  the Bush missile defense shield for Poland, the Next Generation Bomber Program, and the CSAR helicopter program, and that he abolish 2 USAF fighterplane wings and one USN aircraft carrier group.

And Obama has already executed all of these requests by signing the FY2010 “defense budget” (which should be called the disarmament budget). He has already terminated all of the programs listed above: the FCS, Reliable Replacement Warhead, F-22, ABL, Bush Missile Defense, Next Generation Bomber, and CSARH programs. His defense secretary has reduced orders for F-35s by 150 jets, which means that simply by attrition, at least two fighterplane wings will be disbanded because they’ll have no planes to fly when their current planes retire. And the FY2010 DOD budget also reduces the carrier construction rate to 1 ship per 5 years, which will result in a 10-carrier-Navy by 2041. Obama also plans to sign the treasonous START-3 treaty, which will cut America’s nuclear arsenal to just 1800 nuclear warheads (in the best case) and prohibit the development of a new bomber type.

Obama didn’t just stop with the programs marked by the “Caucus for Priorities”. He also ended many other crucial defense programs, including the Next Generation Cruiser program, a program that was designed to replace America’s current fleet of Ticonderoga-class cruisers, most of which will retire during the 2010s and the 2020s.

Conservatives should therefore examine if the GOP really committed to a strong defense. The GOP’s record to date is not good. To prove that it is a true friend of the military, the GOP must not only “fully fund” Obama’s own defense requests, but also oppose all of his defense cuts and provide defense budgets ABOVE Obama’s defense requests – defense budgets which would fund the crucial defense programs that Obama is now conspiring to abolish.