My response to the ludicrous suggestions of Robert Maginnis

A few days ago, Robert Maginnis suggested that the number of soldiers of the US military should be expanded and that the DOD and the QDR should endorse the ludicrous policy (instituted by Melvin Laird) that “people, not hardware, should be our highest priority”.

Contrary to what Robert Maginnis wrote, the QDR should NOT endorse Laird’s opinion that “People, not hardware, must be our highest priority”. It’s not true that Congress should endorse Laird’s opinion. The Congress must not endorse it.

Hardware, not people, must be the DOD’s highest priority. A poorly-trained or outnumbered military could win a war if it had the superior weapons, but without superior weapons, even the best-trained, the most numerous, the least-stretched military cannot win. Hardware, not soldiers, decides about the results of wars.

If the DOD is forced to choose between hardware and people, it must choose hardware.
Hardware must NEVER be sacrificed to pay for anything else (incl. personnel).

To reduce the stress on the US military, the DOD should withdraw the Mazurak-designated American troops from Europe, the Persian Gulf, South Korea and Japan, and cancel the Afghan surge. Such a no-cost solution was, sadly, never endorsed by Maginnis. (Specifically, the DOD should withdraw all the troops stationed in Europe except the troops at Ramstein AFB and Landstuhl; USMC troops in Korea; the 8th US Army (stationed in Korea); USMC troops in Japan; all troops stationed in the Persian Gulf; and a USAF fighterplane wing that is currently stationed in Japan.)

It’s not true that a volunteer military is cheaper than a conscript military. A conscript military is cheaper than a volunteer military.

The DOD should care for American troopers, but it should not be a socialist welfare institution. It should stop overstretching America’s military, withdraw American troops from the above-listed areas, and start to respect American troopers by not prosecuting those troopers who fight America’s enemies.

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