The To Do List: We're getting killed

We’ve got exactly 20 weeks before the Tampa convention to build a campaign to remove Obama from office, and so far we’re being beaten on every single level. We’re going to get creamed if we don’t start moving fast and smart. What we need to accomplish:

1) Coalesce (The most important)

The Democrats have rallied. We have not. It is as simple as that. If we do not back our candidate, Obama’s coalition will eviscerate us.

Romney’s Task: Rally the national leaders and extend the olive branch.
Our Task: Rally the base and grassroots. Help bring our friends and neighbors as well as the conservative Romney critics onto the Romney bandwagon. The less aching and groaning about it, the better for all of us.

2) Fundraise

Obama has raised around $300 million dollars for him and the DNC, while Romney has barely scrapped together (and entirely spent) $75 million. Going just by cash on hand, Romney has $5 million to Obama’s $85 million and a small donor percent of 45% Obama to 10% Romney.

Romney’s Task: Fundraise like there is no tomorrow.
Our Task: Give $25 to the campaign not tomorrow, but today. In 2008, we failed miserably. McCain’s campaign was so cash strapped; it was forced to take federal money. This meant that while Obama was allowed to continue to fundraise and spend limitless amounts of money, McCain was not.

3) Build a national campaign

Obama has already begun opening his campaign offices and is assembling his teams in just about every state. Kentucky opened its first campaign office on Monday and that’s not even a competitive state for Obama. Virginia has 13 offices up and running. Campaign people? You bet. A friend of mine yesterday was just offered (and declined) a position as a graphic designer for Obama’s Wisconsin campaign.

How many offices has Romney opened? Has anyone even thought about who the graphic designer for his Wisconsin campaign will be? Romney’s has primary campaign offices, but they don’t even come close to the organizational structure and team that Obama already has established.

Romney’s Task: Begin laying the frame work for a national campaign, opening offices in key battle ground states and finding the needed people to staff them.
Our Task: Fill those offices. Get in touch with the Romney campaign. Volunteer.

4) Strategize

Romney has been the frontrunner since this primary began. That means Obama’s team has had months to examine and test the Romney campaign’s weakness from every vantage point. For us, Santorum dropped out on Tuesday. It’s true that Romney swung to Obama a few weeks ago, but that’s nothing compared to the opportunity that the Democrats have already had.

Romney’s Task: Focus on Obama and 270. Create and execute a plan to bring to the attention of every voter in November as to why Obama in no longer fit to be Commander and Chief.
Our Task: Brainstorm. Pick apart Obama’s presidency. Post diaries. Remind everyone — on our side and the other — why Obama is unfit to be President.

5) Find our Vice President

Unless it’s bye-bye Biden, Obama’s got us beat again.

Romney’s Task: Create the team that will be able to vet and narrow down the selection to just a few stellar candidates that will bring Team Romney to the White house. Pick that candidate.
Our Task: Brainstorm what our ideal VEEP would be, bring it to attention and start popping our Tampa, Florida popcorn.