We Need a Miracle In November

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Hello fellow Freedom loving Americans. It’s been awhile. I’m writing to you all because, well, I am at a crossroads. Before I was very certain of myself, but now I just don’t know anymore.

I voted for the President back in 2016 albeit I more distressed over the thought of Hillary obtaining the title. It took me perhaps a good minute or two before I marked the bubble next to the current Republican President then saying “this S.O.B. better win.” Since I reluctantly cast my ballot, I hadn’t looked back. In fact I became more content and even proud as the weeks and months wore on. “This man impressed me!” I said. “I will enthusiastically support him for a second term!” I declared.

My enthusiasm has greatly waned with the onset of more government spending and the national debt now exceeding $26 Trillion. About the only thing now holding me on to him the very real possibility of the Democrats regaining the Presidency. “Foolish!” You surely think. “Don’t mentally psyche yourself out!” Or possibly “Don’t be a NeverTrumper!” Well I don’t know what you, the reader, could actually be thinking or saying as your eyes consume each word written here.

It’s bad folks. Really bad. I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer or sound the Doomsday Trumpets, but I am greatly concerned about the prospect of Donald J. Trump getting re-elected on November 3rd. And honestly? I find myself increasingly looking like a buffoon defending the man. I mean, I can make a better case for why Confederate Monuments should stay and why the Battle Flag of Virginia is not a symbol of white supremacy than why Donald Trump should get a 2nd term. Trump was suppose re-ignite the American Spirit right? Make America Great Again was the unifying message, the Modus Operandi for revitalizing a Republic that had lost its way from decades of ravaging globalism and a morally relativist value system that causes our fellow countrymen to walk on egg shells to avoid lawsuits.

I don’t blame him for the current turmoil we’re in because well, I didn’t place so much stock in his ability to “fix” really anything. No one election can solve the issues our Republic faces.  We’re witnessing the culmination of 100+ years of Progressive rot from Theodore Roosevelt to Barrack Obama finally bearing fruit. Donald Trump just happened to be the man in charge when everything finally went sour.

I use to think that if the media kept up their antics they’d have a repeat of 2016 and it would be worse for them and their leftist/communist allies. However, that has been put into doubt.

You’re rambling and getting into your feelings. What are you trying to say?

Look. I voted for Donald Trump in 2016 on the assumption he was going to lose. He won, and I slept great that night. However, after 4 years of trying to take him down, the communist fascists may have finally found their silver bullet. I don’t believe Trump will win. His rally in Tulsa Oklahoma on June 20th? Fell flat. His approval numbers and head to head match-ups? Check the third link I posted.

The polls don’t matter! They were wrong in 2016! Remember Hillary Landslide?

Yes I do remember all that. I also remember they predicted she would win the popular vote, albeit a plurality not a majority. The polls also predicted the GOP would lose the House of Representatives while making gains in the Senate in 2018. I don’t believe the outcome of the election will be a 50+% popular vote victory for either candidate. It will be a squeaker on a state-by-state basis and come down to who wants to win more. Biden may be a doddering fool with a deteriorating mind, but he has blue collar charm. He has a warm tone to his voice that people gravitate to. He can sound empathetic. Trump has a “tell it like it is” gritty persona that’s attractive, but a feeble cowardly GOP and Conservative movement that’s more content with taking talk show positions than actually advancing its philosophy won’t marry themselves to it. IF they did, they’d be out of the job because then they’d actually accomplish what they campaigned on.

The election will come down to how many people either hate Trump or fear Biden and as of right now, more people hate Trump. The communist fascists who dominate the DNC need to be politically, financially, and spiritually destroyed. The U.S.A cannot survive their reign. We need to pray, we need to get out there, we need to make effective arguments and present our case. Also, we need to start creating our own market alternatives to these monstrous corporations.

What was the point of this whole thing? It just reads as one incoherent rant!

That’s kind of the point. Other writers here plan their thoughts out into a specific opinion piece or article. This entry was merely getting some things off my chest. I’m praying, praying for the future of our Republic and my fellow countrymen. We need a miracle. November is right around the corner and Donald Trump is not in a good place.

What do you think of my typed garbled mess?

We need to fight for Faith, for Family, and for Freedom now more than ever. Infiltrate the culture my fellow Americans. Infiltrate it.


God bless you all and God bless the United States of America