When Phony Conservatives Praise Obama

Hello everyone. It has been awhile since I’ve written. I admit I haven’t been very good at it and I’ve probably made few if any friends on this site. That said, thank you for reading this.

On to the point of this post.

It has been over a year since President Barrack Obama left the Oval Office to make way for President Donald Trump. I am not the first, but I won’t be the last to say I wasn’t a fan of Trump the moment he declared his candidacy. My vote for him in 2016 was more out of the dread comprehending a Hillary Clinton Presidency.

Thankfully she didn’t win and I slept soundly that night. Best sleep in a long time actually.

Since taking office Trump has been possibly the most inartful speaker we’ve ever had. I mean a quick look at his twitter feed and one will find posts filled with redundancy and circular reasoning. Some think this signals lack of education or wit, but he’s a business man and people in business have a tendancy of surrounding themselves with people who delegate the more stressful operations of the job. You’ll be hard pressed to find a successful growing business without an HR rep, an accountant, nor a manager to bear some of the leadership responsiblity.

Regardless, there are those who find themselves wishing for a “simpler time”. In comes Max Boot who wrote an article for the Washington Post titled This conservative would take Obama back in a nanosecond.

His presidency appears to be a lost golden age when reason and morality reigned. All of his faults, real as they were, fade into insignificance compared with the crippling defects of his successor.

Golden age of reason and morality? Barrack Obama stood on live television and said the attrocities of modern Islamofacists were no different than the Crusades. I like to think I have abandoned “whataboutism” because it serves as mere deflection from truly discussing the issue. This however is one among many examples of the 44th President believing himself to know better than those “bitter clingers”. Barrack Obama was articulate, smart, a great father, and most likely a stand up guy to be around. However, his speeches were more insults laced with the sweet tone of a compliment; “You don’t have to be as good as me” is what Marie Barone calously yet affectionately says to Debra during one of their more “touching” moments on Everybody Loves Raymond. That’s a typical Barrack Obama speech. Trump’s a narcisist. Yeah, we get that. He self congratulates often even when it’s not deserved. Obama was condecending.

The article goes more to the typical comparison of Obama and Trump using an example of the speech on the late Nelson Mandela’s 100th birthday. Boot writes:

Obama denounced the “politics of fear and resentment,” the spread of “hatred and paranoia and propaganda and conspiracy theories,” and “immigration policies based on race, or ethnicity, or religion.”

Again, foot in mouth. Barrack Obama insterted himself into situations that didn’t require his attention from Trayvon Martin to the Gates incident. The rise of groups like Black Lives Matter come from the nationalizing of these issues. To conjure up an evil to fight in this nation Barrack Obama’s vehement supporters among the left stoked the fires of racial, social, and economic divsion that manifested itself into Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, now Antifa and #TheResistance with SJWs convicting every microaggression they witness. Yes there is fear, resentment, hatred, racism, but in this vast land from New York to L.A. the overwhelming majority of situations do not require a man in D.C. who tries to omnipotent.

I didn’t vote for Donald Trump because I believed he could “fix” this Republic. Many did, and I believe that line of thinking is destructive. No man is so enlightened, so endowed with knowledge and wisdom that they can wave their hands, deliver a speech and suddenly our problems are solved. No. I voted for Donald Trump mainly because I wanted to see Hillary lose, policy was an afterthought as I firmly believed Trump wouldn’t governed the way I wanted. He has proven me wrong and I thank God for that.

What was supposedly the worst abuse of power committed by the Obama administration — the IRS investigations of conservative organizations — has been revealed as “fake news”: It turns out that the IRS was also investigating liberal organizations.

Boot dismisses the mountain of scandals that plagued the Obama Administration from the IRS targeting Conservative leaning groups to Fast and Furious to Hillary’s mishandling of classified data in one fell swoop. Nevermind Obama violated his own federal law by rewriting it(modifying ACA). According to Boot, the worst thing that ever came out were that he put his SHOES on the desk of the Oval Office! Oh the inhumanity!

Donald Trump is no peach; hell, there is probably some real corruption going on, but under the piles and piles of accusations from both the left and right thrown at the President, it’s hard to tell the BS from the genuine.

The problem I have with many Conservatives today is they would rather see our Republic split apart than try to see the job the President is doing. Rather than understand, they turn away at his ineligent narrative. Rather than try to affect policy change, they pontificate and lecture us about how Trump is just unfit and anyone who supports him is not worthy of the Conservative Banner. I am not a surrogate for Trump, neither are you. He’s a grown man who can defend himself and despite the onlsought of media attacks and nature of his tweets, he’s doing a good job of that. I don’t care about his behavior, his choice of language, nor the fact that he’s Trump. I can’t change any of that and I’m not going to. He is governing better than I ever thought he could if the trend continues, I can enthusiastically support a Donald Trump administration to return in 2020.


Let us continue fighitng for faith, family, and freedom. God Bless you all and God bless the U.S.A.