What a Year It Has Been

This entry isn’t so much political as it is a short and sweet reflection of this year in my view. I can only speak for myself but perhaps others are on board with my conclusion that 2016 was actually a damn good year. Why do I say so? Because I have grown so much as a person and learned so much about the world. I mean who can say that at age 25 they’ve done so much? I mean for me I balk and say I haven’t done enough, maybe that’s my fault I think that way. I don’t know, looking back I can’t help but marvel though.

For starters, I’m in the Military(National Guard) and just 4 months ago I returned from my very first deployment in Kuwait(I know some people don’t count it as such but whatever). Being in a foreign land made me appreciate the finer things in life: family, indoor plumbing, vegetation, and clear blue skies. It also allowed me to decide whether or not I wanted to stay in for another 10 years. During the time I spent there, I did everything I could to stop myself from lamenting how being there was inhibiting my ability to pursue my ambitions.

I was offered a job in Alaska, thus my wife and I bought our first home together in a small(relative to this state, you can say rural) Anchorage suburb and enjoyed our very first Christmas as husband and wife. Sorry Dixie, it will be a good while before I can call your wide open plains home. It was hard leaving everyone back in California, but honestly it has to have been the best decision we have made. The process of moving was emotionally and financially draining on the both of us especially my wife and her father who almost lost their lives during the daring trip through Canada.

I got my very first IT Certification(Security +) which has solidified my hold on my job. Still fretting over money, but not so much anymore.

Politically it has been a great year too. Yes like many of you I was an opponent of Donald Trump(I wanted Bobby Jindal), trying in vain to convince people he was actually the GOP establishment without the Club Membersip. However, my wife and I voted for him albeit reluctantly mostly because the thought of Hillary as President was actually racking my nerves no matter how hard I tried to emotionally and mentally prepare myself. I remember at the ballot box, it was sort of a reflex, I voted Trump and muttered “this S.O.B. better win”. I don’t have a TV connection so I followed via internet until midnight here in Alaska. I can’t tell you how relieved and well I slept that night. The collective howling that is still coming from the left is no less satisfying than it was on November 8th.

Yes Donald Trump has been a leftist for most of his life; though my opinion is gradually changing. Are there things about his agenda that irk me? Yes, his tariffs stick out like Michael Moore in an OWS rally. However he is going out of his way it seems to show that he is serious about undoing the last 8 years or possibly the last 16 years of wasteful government.

What does the future hold? Only God knows for sure, but I can say with confidence that there’s a bright light at the end of this tunnel and I’m marching forward with my head held high.

Okay I’m done tooting my own horn. For those of you looking on this year grimly reflect on what you have and reflect on the good things that happened.

2016 was a great year for God, Family, and Country despite assaults from Pop Culture. We will continue to fight.


God bless you all, have a happy and blessed New Year, and God bless the United States of America,