What's a Young Conservative To Do?

I will not forget the first time I voted. It was during the 2010 primaries and in California the choices were between former Ebay CEO Meg Whitman and State Treasurer Steve Poisner for the GOP. I turned 18 December of ’09 and while I hadn’t been as informed as I am now, I at least understood the foundation of what I wanted my vote to be based on: Small Government, Tax Reform, and less Regulation. I formed my first political opinion at 16 during the 2008 elections when Proposition 8 was the hot topic, I supported the amendment and still do. By the criteria stated earlier, I chose Poisner and I felt good about it. I even convinced my parents to support him! Alas he lost and Meg Whitman went on to lose the election later on.

As the years ticked by I became more and more enthralled in something that I found repulsive just a couple of years prior. I mean politics? Yuck! Who cares? I’ll leave that to the people who actually understand that stuff. It’s now one of my main passions in life. Funny how attitudes change over time, and a short period of time at that! Just 2 years later I volunteered for a mayoral candidate in San Diego and then for a weekend for Mitt Romney. Once I got a taste of campaigning I wanted more and found myself delving into all the political blogs and consuming news articles no matter what side of the political isle they fell on and my thirst for History became more insatiable as it further shaped my political views.

The years piled on and I found myself as the spokesperson for a Congressional Candidate that couldn’t quite cut it in the 2014 primary, and then an assembly candidate who went on to win My experience working in politics is very limited but the experience garnered from it was truly enlightening and I must say I have much more appreciation for it.

Hey Zack. What’s the point? Why are you telling us your life story?

I tell you this because as a self-proclaimed Conservative of the Millennial Generation I am deeply troubled with the state of the party I swore to vote for. In just 4 years(it most likely happened much earlier) I witnessed a movement I was proud to call myself a member of completely shrugged off and tossed aside as if our voice no longer matters. The GOP wants younger voters but because I don’t fit the kind of profile they want I am expendable. At first I was okay with it because history has shown similar circumstances and plus there’s still a lot of time before my Earthly Race is over to see some real change.

It’s not that the GOP nominated Donald Trump and he’s about as far from a Conservative as one can get. It has to do with the fact the GOP Platform is so underrepresented that the party is unilaterally sniping its best defenders. Now granted this is one state, Kansas, but what’s even more remarkable and disturbing is that the state GOP is trying to actively thwart the states Governor. Now Brownback may not be the most popular governor in the country, but surely shrinking the government and trying to wean people off of the War on Poverty’s disastrous policies should be hailed as a good thing right? State Sovereignty? Self sustainability? I found myself wondering why the GOP was trying to emulate the DNC, why not just join them instead of faking it as a Republican?

I am 24 years old and I thought for a long time that if the GOP just had the right messenger we could effectively turn the tide against our economic decay and possibly influence some social policy. For a while that seemed to be true; but now? I’ve known forever that the GOP leadership was more interested in managing the decline than trying to uphold the Constitution but I didn’t the voters wanted the same thing. As I sit here and write this I can’t help but reflect on everything and ask myself: is it even worth it anymore? Was the American Idea really just a pipe dream all along and the Founders fell into the same trap as any do gooder?

That’s definitely a haunting thought and it lingers in my mind every so often. My wife(who’s as conservative as I am) wants me to move on and just raise our future family. I wish it were that easy, but unfortunately I feel this urge, this compulsion to do something. I still love this country and I want more than anything for it to succeed so that my children can bask in opportunities I never knew. So what’s a young conservative to do?

Let’s continue to fight for Faith, for Family, and for Freedom. God bless you all and God bless the U.S.A.