Cultural Sanity: The Time To Choose Approaches Again

This is an updated rehash of a previous article I have written. I thought that the content within it was still relevant and so I have republished it.

This month will be the 51st anniversary of Ronald Reagan’s “Time for Choosing” speech which launched The Gipper on what would be a very successful political career that culminated with him as President. On the 23rd of October 1964 Reagan outlined masterfully the clear path laid out ahead of us the price of appeasement with our enemies. Now here we are in 2015 with the Progressive Movement in full steam and the Conservative Movement trying to hold firm. Our culture seeks to define itself once again from the previous “finding yourself” to “accept me for who I am just because”, the culture of dependency has gathered us almost $20 trillion of debt and generational poverty, and faith is becoming ever more scarce in increasingly turbulent times.

We are faced with the greatest challenge that every great civilization has been plagued with from the Ancient Greeks and Roman Empire to today; that challenge is relevancy. For the 239 years the United States has existed we have grappled with our place in the world and in the last 30 years we have grappled with who we are as a people. I ask you, just who are we? We say we are Americans but what exactly does that mean? How does one become an “American” how does one feel “American”? We use to know oh yes the American identity was definitely the most unique existence in the history of mankind. The belief that our rights come from God and not groups of intellectual elites in far distant capitals is still, even now, the most radical idea that has ever been inscribed in our founding documents.

There are those however who wish to deny us the principles and foundation the Founding Fathers intended for us. They say the world isn’t so black and white, that good and evil are relative terms, and that our standing in the world is no more significant than your common house fly. They believe basic decisions such as where to send your children to school and what kind of vehicle you drive are too complicated for us to determine. We are told that issues like Marriage, the right to life, and welfare are too politically sensitive and controversial to speak out on because doing so would alienate large segments of the population. That if only we keep our mouths shut on these issues only then, ONLY then we will taste victory wrestle the Constitution from the death grip of our leftist friends and bring our country back on the road of prosperity.

You and I both know that from history and today that taking heed the wisdom of our founding documents is the best possible way of bringing us back from the cliff. North Dakota, Texas, and Oklahoma are reporting population growths that far outpace housing development because of the economic prosperity meanwhile California, New York, and Illinois continue to cripple under the weight of their own pride which has forced hundreds of thousands of people from their homes in just the last 5 years in search of that dream they were promised as children. North Dakota boasts an unemployment rate of 2.8% with various counties reporting 1.5% or lower and they have a robust surplus at half a billion dollars for the two year budget cycle. Just a week and a half ago California decided that people no longer have ownership of the groundwater on their property, it is now subject to the state. In New York, a christian couple who own a farm was sued because they committed the unholy crime of sticking to their beliefs. It was only a few days ago that Christians finally started pushing back when the Mayor of Houston decided she was above the law and supoena churches and they responded by sending her bibles.

We also know from history that a strong military is what keeps evil at bay. Theodore Roosevelt’s foreign policy slogan “Speak softly and carry a big stick” best describes our purpose for having the most battle ready and disciplined force in the world. From Thomas Jefferson’s use of the navy to put down Muslim terrorists that our citizens abroad to Ronald Reagan building up our military to financially collapse the Soviet Union our way of life has always provided the necessary means of defeating our enemies, shutting down would be threats, and maintaining peace in the world.

We have two competing ideas for the United States. We have the Progressive-Saul Alinsky radical ideal that says the federal government is the arbiter of the laws and states are obligated to follow suit and we have the Judeo-Christian model that says each state is sovereign and the federal governments only concern is whether or not our national sovereignty isn’t being circumvented; it is the states cast their electoral votes for president, it is the states that ratify amendments, and it is the states that make up the United States of America. Unless we are willing to engage the culture and push for the latter we might as well tell our children that they should give up their hopes of knowing a brighter America because to ensure their safety we deemed it beneficial to just turn the other cheek.

Just as Reagan uttered in his famous speech: “If we continue to accommodate, continue to back and retreat, eventually we have to face the final demand—the ultimatum. And what then?” Just as they were then they are still true today.

We have to ask ourselves, just what exactly do we stand for? Do we want to condemn ourselves and future generations to a lifetime of moral and economic poverty because the price for liberty is too great? Or do we decide this is our country and no one, not the legislature, not the president, and certainly not a group of black robes can unilaterally decide what laws are applicable, act accordingly and do so without the consent of the governed?

Also do we remember who we are?

We are the masters of our destiny, not victims of our circumstances. For this country to continue into the next decade and beyond we have to be willing to put in the hard work not just with our legislatures, but at home. The dinner table has been long neglected in favor of reality television, it’s time.

May we continue to fight for Faith, Family, and Freedom. God bless you all and God bless the United States of America.

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