Cultural Sanity: The Conservative Movement

Not too long ago I wrote an article about the gross misunderstanding of the Constitution from both sides of the aisle. This next installment of Cultural Sanity focuse more on Pop Culture and the Conservative Movement’s presence in it, or really the total and complete lack of it. Almost every Republican and TEA Party gathering I have attended I’ve heard all sorts of talk about ways of making inroads with the younger generation and more or less these discussions were about changing platforms rather than actually marketing our values.

Everywhere I look there seems to be another company that is waging some sort of anti-christian campaing from Starbucks to Target to Tide and now Doritos with their latest stunt with Dan Savage. So here is my question to my fellow Conservatives: Why do we put up with it? Why are we comfortable with surfing on Google, using Windows, text with Apple, and watching Hollywood movies all of which do nothing but portray a false and negative view of us?

I was on Facebook and I happened across a website called Pureflix which has established itself as Netflix but with Christian themed movies and tv shows. I thought to myself “wow, the mind that came up with this to provide family-friendly entertainment to people”.  There is talent out there and together we have the ability and opportunity to give the left-wing culture war machine a run for their money.

There needs to be direct competition with these companies, competition that fosters a family-friendly environment and seeks to neutralize the hypersexualized drama and storytelling of networks like MTV, Comedy Central and even supposedy family networks like ABC. If we’re serious about winning future elections then we have to stop giving speeches and start working. Technology has advanced so much now that with software like auto-tune and Youtube ANYONE can be a music sensation.

I started a website called TheEveryAmerican which I hope to be an alternative to sites like Buzzfeed. It’s not much now but I believe it has potential to grow and expand into something great.

So what are you going to do? We have the networking capabilities, we just need the innovators. Where are you? Are you a programmer, graphic artist, actor, director, comedian, an animator, or some other profession? Then lets get together and build! Stop coming up with excuses and do it.


What do you think? Let me know.


Let’s keep fighting for Faith, for Family, and for Freedom. God bless you all and God bless the United States of America.


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