An Act of Kindness

Let me ask you something: do you think it’s strange  for a stranger to knock on your door and inform you of anything? No I’m not talking about solicitors nor volunteers, I’m talking about someone who notices something is wrong on your property and tells you. I will admit I do, but let me explain; I had just finished making a delivery and noticed the headlights of a vehicle belonging to the next door neighbor were still on. The engine wasn’t running and no one inside seemed to noticed. At the time I couldn’t quite put my finger on the reason why but I felt compelled to knock on the door of said neighbor to let them know their car battery was in jeopardy of dying unless they turned off the lights. I can tell you by the response of the person who answered through the window(a boy roughly at the age of 11) was probably weirded out and I’m sure his parents were too. I mean why wouldn’t they be? Here I am, a total stranger with no obligation to their existence deciding to let them know.

Now you can rag on me or you think me as being silly but I believe it was the moral thing to do and here’s why: people-especially my generation-tend to be self-centered now a days; sure you’ll hear of random acts of kindness or charity, but how often do you see people actually assisting those who are obviously struggling? For example, when was the last time you witnessed a pedestrian help an elder across the street? I can’t say for certain that I’ve done that There seems to be this prevailing idea that because there are so many people that someone is bound to step up and our consciences will be clear. There’s a deficit of values I read a meme once that defined opportunity as missing 100% of the shots you don’t take; so I guess I took a shot that I otherwise would have missed. I’m not talking from a “holier than thou” position, I am flawed just as you are and no one should stand up and denounce the flaws of others. There’s a deficit of values here in our country and it is possibly more apparent in my generation than in the former ones. Perhaps I’m making a big thing out of nothing, you tell me.

I did what I thought was morally right even though it seems minuscule and inconsequential; but don’t we always hear it’s the little things that matter? Believe you me I stood on the sidewalk for probably a good five minutes before making the decision to walk myself to that doorstep.

I never usually gave something like this any thought than I believed it deserved until after I did it. What say you? What do you think? Let me know.

As always let’s continue fighting for faith, family, and freedom. God bless you all and God bless America.

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