The Golden State Could be Waking Up

When I was born in 1991, California was once the fifth largest economy in the world. It now stands at number 9. For decades Democrats have ruled this state dominating the legislature only losing majority status briefly in the mid 90’s. Every office is democrat, both senators are Democrat, and all the major cities, excluding San Diego, have Democrat mayors. Arnold Schwarzenegger  virtually demolished hopes for up and coming conservatives to mount an effective campaign for the governorship until at least after Gavin Newsome gets elected(an unfortunate prediction, though we’ll be enjoying a dem on dem squabble between him and former L.A. Mayor Villraigosa).

I am born and raised here in the Golden State, rarely lived outside of L.A. County (for two months I worked down in San Diego). Even though I’m only twenty-two(never bore witness to California’s hay-day) it breaks my heart to see what’s happening to my home. I would love nothing more than to raise my children where I grew up; but that prospect dwindles each time something obscure comes out of Sacramento.

So why am I telling you this? Despite the grim legislative outlook Republicans and Conservatives have in trying to take back this state there are rays of sunshine piercing the gloomy overcast above; two to be exact. They are Ashley Swearnegin who is running for State Controller and Pete Peterson who is running for Secretary of State. Why are these two people significant? Peterson has been endorsed by the leftwing L.A. times as has Swearnigan.

Both Peterson and Swearnegin also have a huge swath of endorsements from mayors of major cities to local democrats. Now I’m sure there’s a reason for why these two would get the endorsements and not their leftwing counterparts. It could be that nearly 15% of California Senate Dems have been indicted on corruption and endorsing corruption probably wouldn’t be good publicity.


Will they win? I’m not sure honestly. There was a debate between Peterson and Padilla  that had some people even in liberal counties turning their heads and possibly considering Pete:

In Alameda County, during the June primary, Padilla won by a large margin, with 41 percent of the vote going to Padilla and 16 percent to Peterson. But after Thursday’s debate, some Democrats who have mostly stuck to party lines said they were questioning which candidate to select.

Lee Aurich, a 62-year-old Oakland resident and longtime member of the League of Women Voters (whose membership includes men and women) said he has never voted for a Republican, but that he just might in this fall’s Secretary of State race. Aurich said he was impressed with Peterson’s “passion” and what Aurich regarded as the candidate’s sharp contrast to other Republicans who discourage votes from minority groups, who tend to vote Democratic.

And then there’s this:

Andre Luu, an 18-year-old UC Berkeley political science and anthropology student, who was part of the debate audience, said he is a Democratic supporter but finds Peterson has “more of a connection to California citizens in general, instead of politicians.”

Election Day is just a few short weeks away. People are making up their minds now but there is still a lot of time between now and then. One thing can be sure, California is poised for a comeback and this election is evidence of the start of something. We’re up against 100+ years of progressive dominance in our academia, our journalism, our economy, and our entertainment; we are slowly but surely rolling it back.


May we continue fighting for Faith, Family, and Freedom. God bless you all and God bless America.

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