Religious Liberty is Imperative to the salvation of our Nation

I have a question for you; should a business owner be allowed to run their business into the ground because of their poor practices? Now let me ask you another one; should a business service anyone whom they want based on whatever reason they give? Now I ask because there seems to be a growing trend of business owners being compelled through the coercive power of the government to violate their personal beliefs; however the usual victims of these cases happen to be Christians.


An inn in Vermont was sued for refusing to host a wedding reception


A Florist in Iowa was sued for refusing to deliver flowers to a same-sex ceremony.

A Bed and Breakfast in Hawaii was found to be in violation of that states civil rights law for refusing a lesbian couple.

New Mexico Supreme Court unanimously ruled against a photographer business when they refused to photograph a same-sex ceremony.

Of course there is also the famous lawsuit involving the Colorado Baker who was also sued for simply refusing to bake a cake for a ceremony. He was later ordered by the court and forced to go to “sensitivity training”

There is also the ongoing case in Oregon involving the owners of Sweet Cakes and the New York farmers who were sued as well. There is even a case of a school banning christian literature

These are but a handful, there is actually a whole decades worth of these occurrences from 2000 to 2008. Each one involving a business, catholic adoption agency, or an individual.

In fact a poll came out showing over 3/4ths of Americans supporting the right of business owners to act in accordance with their values. This poll is in stark contrast with a more recent poll that shows a plurality supporting the opposite.

Now what exactly is my point? What am I getting at here? Among many on the left there is a strong belief that “gay rights” and religious liberty is a zero-sum game. It’s as if the ghost of Jim Crow still lives on, but in the opposite. The left doesn’t care about those pesky amendments that precede the 14th Amendment which they have relentlessly abused and obscured to override the entire Constitution. What matters is stamping out any and all forms of dissent. In fact this is the reason why the left-without any compelling reason-passed a law to tell school aged children histories most prominent figures may or may not have been homosexual.

Okay okay I get it there’s a lot of doom and gloom here so let me get to the crux of why I’m writing this. The left is a never ending battle to corrupt and shred the Values System that have made us successful. And if we give up; if we decide to cut back and concede that our culture, our way of life is lost then we will have truly lost the country because without a strong foundation we cannot discern right from wrong, we cannot raise our children right, and we cannot build a strong work ethic. However despite their attempts, they are failing. They notice that more families are opting to home school and since when you home school a child they are more likely to share your views it seems only necessary that they would seek ways to counter-act this.

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

The 1st Amendment of the Constitution makes it very clear that they left nor their legislators have any right to usurp religious values nor prevent them from being exposed to the public. The left just can’t seem to grasp this, in the wake of court rulings regarding Hobby Lobby , the town of Greece N.Y., the steel Cross from the WTC, and the Pledge of Allegiance case there is great hope that the left will fail in their attempts to undermine religious liberty. Conservatives may not have the sort of strangle hold on our culture that the left has, but the left has so infused sex, rebellion, and bigotry into what we watch, what we learn at school, and what we read that it has diluted. In fact much to the dismay of cultural leftists virginity is on the rise albeit not for religious reasons but still significant nonetheless. The dilution has also lead to the rise of more christian based media.

The United States of America, a nation founded on God, the Bible, and Freedom is in a daze; this great land is ripe for another Awakening and with the somewhat mixed results from the recent Pew Polls I’d say that time is drawing very close. Religious leaders should be more active, people of faith within the Conservative movement and people of faith in general should start mounting a Counter-Counter Culture Movement and start taking the fight to the cultural left. They act like they are on offense, but are in fact retreating and now is the time to hit them where it hurts. It is through religious liberty that school choice can be successful, that homeschooling can be successful, and that people have an equal access to points of view that lay outside of the “mainstream”.

It’s time, no excuses, our nation calls us and we must answer!


Let us continue to fight for Faith, Family, and Freedom. God bless you all and God bless America.


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