A Message For The 2014 Election

Hello everyone. I like many of you have been watching the polls and I have not been liking what I’ve been seeing. This is the third straight election in a row that the GOP is being given to; really if this is a battle of negative ads, then all they have to do is look pretty and get aggressive by making their opponents own the economy and the still failing healthcare law. However this just doesn’t seem to be the case. According to the polls very winnable races are being fumbled because of either a) poor messaging b) not enough money or c) there just isn’t any fight. Yes I know the only polls that matter are the ones on election day, and yes I know that many of these polls tend to be skewed to favor democrats, and yes I know that said polls are being spun by the media to depress turn out so that the DNC can win and make our lives even more miserable than they already are.

Let’s forget that for a moment, let’s forget that many of our favorite candidates did not clear the finish line on top, and let’s forget that we are bitter at the establishment for cutting of its nose to spite its face. Let’s forget all of that just for a moment.

Our nation is in shambles, our debt exceeds our GDP and shows no signs of letting up, and despite having record tax revenue we are still running a massive deficit. Something needs to be done but what? First of all we need to understand that the fault of where we are today lies with everyone, democrats, republicans, and everyone in between. No one is innocent in this struggle and we all have a stake in it. The next two years are critical for this nation and will determine where we go for the following 4, 8, 12, and so on. This is why it is so important for the GOP to take the senate. According to one congresswoman there are over 300 bills sitting on Harry Reids Desk pertaining to jobs and the economy.

“But Zack. There is absolutely no guarantee(assuming there are 300+ bills) that Obama will sign any of those bills.”

That is a great point but I challenge that. Yes should the GOP take the senate thus sealing their control over Congress there is little reason to suspect that President Obama will decide that he has to play nice. Why should he? I will tell you this; he will sign some of them to appear “moderate”, he will take the bills that he at least agrees with the most that were both crafted and passed by a Republican majority. Now why you ask? Because there’s no where to hide. The media has so saturated the airways with negativity about the GOP and Conservatives that people are-without a shred of doubt-numb to the defeatism mentality that prevails when the left can’t stand being proved wrong.

“You want the GOP to HELP Obama?”

Of course not! How would it help him? For all intents and purposes of his own design there is literally nothing that can save this mans legacy. This can only be achieved if we elected the nominees in every state. We have great orators within the GOP(Cruz, Paul, Lee, Sessions etc) and with the results Conservative media outlets have had there is little fear over the passage of amnesty.

“I will not vote for a RINO.”

Listen, there are more conservatives operating in the GOP then there are in any other political party. There are more Conservatives in the House GOP and Senate GOP then there are in the DNC despite the grumbling leaders have given. You have to take the good with the bad. As I’ve said, these next two years will determine the direction and fate/destiny of this country. The fight against Obamacare is far from over; Republicans have voted over 40 times to repeal it with future fights to be waged, the fight against amnesty is lost, conservatives have won; the GOP won’t touch it now nor in the future and as the population of Conservatives in Congress grows it makes the likelihood shrink even more; and there are over 300 bills passed either exclusively by the GOP House or with a bipartisan majority. The moderates can babble all they want, we have made our voices heard.

My friends, the time is now. Can we withstand another 2 years of Harry Reid’s insatiable lust for power? We thought back in 2012 that Obama had wrecked the economy so much we would have a Reagan-like candidate rise to the occasion and make us a proud nation. This isn’t 1980, this isn’t the country our parents nor grandparents grew up in. We have a chance though to build upon the foundation laid in 2010 to reverse course and warm our children in a brighter tomorrow. We can’t save this house by letting it burn to the ground, we must put out the flames and restore the lode-bearings. Winston Churchill once said  America is like a “gigantic boiler. Once the fire is lit under it, there is no limit to the power it can generate.” We-not the candidates-have to be the ones that light that fire, this is our country and WE have to be the ones that save it. My friends, my fellow Americans, we cannot afford to cede any ground, the democrats are on the retreat and the media is masking it like they’re on offense; let’s take the fight to them! In all states fight, no excuses, no holding back, these are the candidates we have to live with and lord willing they WILL listen to us!


Let us continue to fight for Faith, Family, and Freedom. God bless you all and God bless America!

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