Blatantly Biased California Gubernatorial Debate Left A Positive Impression

Neel Kashkari(right) and Jerry Brown(left) shake hands before debating
Neel Kashkari(right) and Jerry Brown(left) shake hands before debating

So it finally happened, the first and only debate between GOP Gubernatorial candidate Neel Kashkari and Governor Jerry Brown. I want to make some things clear before I begin:

I am a staunch Pro-God, Pro-Family, Pro-Marriage, and Pro-Constitution Conservative. I believe that in order to make an effective case against big government, we need staunch conservatives with the credentials to make the case.

Thursday September 4th 2014 the two men butt heads in what has been described as a fiery debate. The debate circled around few issues, the High Speed Rail “Browndoggle”(my personal namesake for it) or “crazy train”, education, and the economy with a brief touch on immigration. If you want to ask me how it went, I have to say that Kashkari has impressed me. Despite the left-wing tilt the moderates, Kashkari immediately went on the offensive to make the debate and election a referendum on Brown’s abysmal performance as governor. Kashkari was energetic calling out Brown on his record which is as follows:

California ranks 47th in business climate.

It also shares a similar position in job creation .

We are 32nd in graduation.

We have the highest poverty rate in the country.

Only enough track for the Browndoggle has been approved to go from Bakersfield to Fresno.

Not to mention AB32 is set to fully kick in in January 2015.

He was clear, concise, and he was right. Jerry Brown on the other hand looked annoyed that he had to waste his time to fight for a seat he feels entitled to. He would dismiss Kashkari’s points with just a wave of his hand, often resorting to the tired and worn out “blame Bush” mentality by feebly attaching Kashkari to the TARP bailouts. It was almost comical; sure Kashkari spearheaded that terrible policy decision, but that was Jerry Brown’s only defense against every single one of the Republicans points, as if Kashkari’s shortcomings absolve the incumbent of his terrible track record.

At one point during the debate Kashkari hammered Jerry Brown for having his priorities mixed up by focusing on banning plastic bags, giving illegal immigrants drivers licenses, and allowing dogs to dine at restaurants. He also chastised Brown for Toyota leaving and not doing enough to keep Tesla.

This isn’t to say that there weren’t things that didn’t disappoint me about Neel Kashkari; let it be known that he is a moderate. Despite his anti-illegal immigrant and pro business stances, he has said he would have signed both the drivers license and plastic bag ban bills into law. On top of that he is also a supporter of Marriage Redefinition and a believer in Climate Change. That however didn’t stop me from enjoying the royal smack down Jerry Brown received when it came to the economy, education, and the Browndoggle. He did what few moderates have ever done though, he made the incumbent own his record.

The biggest thing that stood out for me was when Jerry Brown scoffed at Neel Kashkari about his jobs plan saying that he was unimpressed and that it would hurt the poor. When asked by Kashkari what exactly about his plan would hurt the poor, Brown responded “it was very vague”. This is what we’re up against folks! A machine that need not identify who it is railroading; all the information required is that the enemy is a Republican and that spells “evil”.

Bottom line…despite the bias of the moderators, the snide remarks disguised as questions, and the constant interrupting of the Republican challenger Neel Kashkari eviscerated Jerry Brown and we can expect no more debates because of this utter humiliation.

If you didn’t watch the debate you can view it here or on this article.

Did Kashkari convince you that he has what it takes? Please let me know below.

As always we have to continue fighting for Faith, Family, and Freedom. God bless you all and God bless America.

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