Attention: If you have ever lived in South Carolina, PLEASE read!

I am not sure if any of you have noticed this – especially in the wake of Super Storm Sandy, Benghazi, and the impending General Election – but I think this deserves some NATIONAL attention, just in case there are some individuals who once lived in SC in the past and therefore may not be aware of this.

Over 3 Million taxpayer income tax returns were hacked from the SC DOR (South Carolina Department of Revenue) last week. Social Security Numbers (including dependent CHILDREN), Credit Card numbers, bank account and routing numbers, addresses, and so forth. And as with all government (even Nikki Haley’s administration) all is not going well, either. This is a recipe for disaster!

The State has offered “free” [read: taxpayer-funded] credit monitoring for one year and unlimited fraud protection for life if we fall victim to ID theft during that one year period, but only if it falls during that period. There is a deadline to sign up as well: that information can be found at www.protectmyid.com/scdor and the password is SCDOR123.

Additionally, the State is being sued – class-action – by the usual suspects.

This is personal and hits home. My wife has had over 1,800 credit inquiries on her credit report in the past 5 days. Experian is contacting her about it and we are beginning to live this reality. What a pain.

The political fallout from this has yet to be determined for Nikki Haley, but stating “There is a trial lawyer with a hand out and a tissue ready at any crisis” for the victims of this seems a little … cold. (I know – the stress she is under, I am sure, is tremendous – but SHEESH.)