Affordable Healthcare Deform Coming Soon to a Company Near Me

Oh, joy. I got this today from my HR. Open Enrollment is coming soon. November 8th. And it does not look pretty….

The 2011 Benefits Open Enrollment period is coming November 8-19. This is the time of year to carefully consider the benefits available to you and make the choices that best reflect your family’s needs over the coming year. Please take this opportunity to consider your personal journey to healthy living and make the choices that will help you commit to living well in 2011.

There are many changes in this year’s benefits reflecting the national health care landscape changes and the addition of more resources to better serve your needs including a new online benefits advisor. Two major forces have shaped the changes for this year—Health Care Reform, which became law this past spring, and [our] own escalating health care costs. Detailed information about open enrollment will be available on the portal on November 8.

[emphasis mine]

So, where I have no doubt that there is an increase in cost due to normal rate increases, I am absolutely CERTAIN that Healthcare Reform was the primary driver in the overall increase.

BTW, rumor has it that we are staring down a 25% increase in cost. Last year’s increase was 6%. The year before – 8%. How much would you like to bet that my COLA and Merit Raise will not be commiserate to the HC increase? Just saying….

Thank you for keeping my healthcare affordable, Barry. Thanks a lot.

Gee, this makes me feel all the better about my vote this morning.

I will update everyone next week as to the true cost increases.