The SC Lowcountry Primary Season closes; The End of the Beginning.

What a Primary season….

This season was TOUGH in SC-01. Multiple GOOD, CONSERVATIVE CANDIDATES – Nikki Haley, Gresham Barrett, Henry McMaster, Tim Scott, Ken Ard, Paul Thurmond, & Leighton Lord.

Sadly, Lord did not get the nod for Atty Gen, and we are stuck with a candidate that failed the Bar and has not been a prosecutor, ever.

Nikki Haley sealed it up last night. She has been called everything – the entire spectrum from “whore to raghead.” You have just gotta love the big-tent mentality of the established Republicans and how the Dem’s can stick to the issues instead of name-calling.

Now the news of the day is that Nikki may be “The first Indian-American woman for Governor of SC.” THAT is the story? Try, “The first Female Reformist, Conservative SC Native for Governor.” That should be the story.

Tim Scott – He has been called a “14-year Career Politician” in the Primary; however this was coming from an opponent that is a relative newcomer to politics and that happens to have the last name of “Thurmond” (BTW, did you know he is the son of Strom Thurmond???). Tim has a 14 year record – in LOCAL politics – to stand on. He has a message that resonates, and chances are, with his voice resounding loudly, his message may, just MAY, carry over to the neighboring 6th district (the one held by Jim “Elephant Dung” Clyburn) and begin to wear into his support a little.

However, the lead story today is that Tim Scott “may be the First African-American Republican Congressman since Reformation.” Really? Who gives a CRAP? Really. As with Nikki, the story should be, “First Reformist Conservative Republican Congressman since Reformation.” This race crap is wearing THIN. REAL THIN.

Jim Clyburn is about to find himself between a rock and a hard spot. Tim Scott to the East; Joe Wilson (of the “You Lie” fame) to the South and West. Tim is WELL known in Charleston and North Charleston (how the 6th is gerrymandered to cut Charleston in two makes no sense) due to his time on Charleston County Council, and he is a vocal – VOCAL – opponent to taxes (or penalties, fees, or whatever the “en vogue” word is today for “TAX”).

I have not followed the 5th district race, so I am not certain if Jon Splatt – oops – Spratt is doing well. If Spratt falls, Clyburn will be the lone Democrat in this state’s national politics.

But I digress: A name that also came out of last night was Ken Ard for R-CAND Lt Gov. Ken is a small business type that promises to bring Small Business principles to the government. That cannot be welcomed enough.

The “Good Ole’ Boy” network is crashing down here in the “First in the South.” Reform is in the air, and it smells GOOD!

We will soon have 4 conservatives and reformers in power here. Governor, Lt. Governor, SC-01, and Jr. US Senator. Let’s ensure we get them into power as expediently as possible. Now, if we can only get the ad developer(s) for the RGA to start developing the campaign ads for these four …. ‘:o)~

Oh, a closing thought for Mr. Clyburn (D, SC-06)…

Here is a little biology lesson for you: No matter the animal of origin, all dung is excreted by the ass. Please, keep that in mind.