Hot off the presses from Nikki Haley's Camp:

I just received this email from Nikki’s Camp:


As we go through this day, we are closely tracking voter turnout across the state.  We are looking to improve voter turnout in the lowcountry and upstate and need your help to be successful.  If you can help us make phone calls, please email [email protected] for details.  We will succeed in this endeavor if the grassroots support that has gotten us this far continues to spread.

Thank you for your help, we’re just hours away!


Joshua Baker

This falls in line with a Tweet that came across from Tim Scott (R-CAND, SC-01):

Attention TeamScott: We are getting reports about very low turnout. This means we need to turn it up a notch… http://fb.me/A6LyDCEs

They both need our vote and they both need our help.