The REAL Tragedy of DeepWater Horizon.

Adam Weise, Aaron Dale Burkeen, Donald Clark ,Roy Kemp, Jason Anderson, Stephen Curtis, Gordon Jones, Blair Manuel, Dewey Revette, and Shane Roshto.


These 11 are the true tragedy of DeepWater Horizon. Have you heard anyone remembering them in the MSM?


Which brings me to Dave Letterman — he is a CLOWN and he makes me sick.  [From about 1:03 forward.]


This is not the Exxon Valdez: REAL people DIED, and the MSM focuses on the “Environmental and Ecological Impact” of this disaster?  Really?


Do you know where I had to go to get the names?  I had to go to the World Socialist Web SiteThey are the only ones, other than The Times of London, to post their names (at least that I could find.)  Not the NYT or the LAT or the WaPo.  And certainly not Whitehouse.gov. 


Utterly disgraceful.  That is a “FAIL” in my book, Mr. President.


May you Rest in Peace, Roughnecks.  All my prayers and condolences to your families on their loss.  May Jesus comfort them in this time of grief.