Someone Doesn't Seem to Like Senator Jim DeMint....

When I first heard that Jim DeMint had a Primary Challenger this year, all I could think was, “What GOP Precinct encouraged a Republican to challenge DeMint this year, of all years?  Does Lindsey Graham have a cousin, or something?”  Well, as it turns out, no GOP precinct encouraged any challenge this year….

Jim DeMint’s Primary Challenger is Susan Gaddy.  For those not from the LowCountry, Susan Gaddy is a moderately well known lawyer from Charleston.  She has a long history political activism.  According to the Charleston Post & Courier:

Charleston lawyer Susan Gaddy has voted in more Democratic than Republican primaries, but her first bid for public office is an attempt to knock off U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint in the June 8 GOP primary.


“I was a supporter of Obama in 2008,” she said. “I’m so disappointed (that) I want to run for the Senate as a Republican. That’s very disappointed.”

FITSNews asks:

So … how did this happen? How did a candidate like Gaddy manage to sneak into a GOP primary?

“State statute sets forth the requirements for filing,” SCGOP executive director Joel Sawyer told FITS. “It’s not something we have discretion over. But given her history with the Democratic party, if she is a Republican it’s a recent phenomenon.  Or maybe she just filed at the wrong headquarters.”

Her Letter to the Editor in 2008 in The Daniel Island News says a lot.  Most notable is her Signature Line:

Susan M. Gaddy


Daniel Island


President, Daniel Island Precinct for the Berkeley County Democratic Party

emphasis mine

Now, who wants to bet that she is just in it to bloody him up for the real Democrats in the General?  Needlessly drain his war chest?

If Joe Reilly (Charleston Mayor) backs her, I will scream!