I guess it takes one to know one

From the Daily Caller today:

Tension between liberal progressives and the White House ran high over the weekend when MSNBC personality Ed Schultz revealed Saturday that he had called White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs a “piece of s***,” prompting Gibbs to curse at him in return.

The column goes on to tell how progressives and liberals are all feeling – taken for granted [sniff, awwww] and that the administration is not pushing hard enough….

I say, give them all a gun, put them in a field and let them initiate a circular firing squad. Of course, someone would have to teach them how to pull the trigger. “Pulling the trigger” is not something they are good at.

Now, if this were on any other network other than MSNBC, SOMEONE may have actually witnessed the exchange.

So, on the run up to the SOTU: Air America goes tits-up, FireDogLake/DKos/HuffPo/TDC are rattling sabers, MA goes Purple, House Dems are fighting to be the next to quit “for family reasons”, HCR is acting just like the piece of crap that it is – circling the drain, and the Senate Seats once held by the POTUS AND VPOTUS may very well switch sides.

Not the best week (or two) to have a (D) after your name.