Upcoming Focus Group: Charleston SC area....

I just received this email from a Focus Group company that I have been used for in the past. The last time I attended one of these, I was part of a group that critiqued the campaign ads for BHO, contrasting them with the ones from Hillary and John Edwards. It was the most comical two hours of my life. All the “progressive minds” that surrounded me almost had me in tears before the end of the session.

It reminded me of a Star Trek episode where Kirk was vaulted into a parallel universe and the Federation was Evil…. The line from the episode that stuck with me was at the end when Kirk was returned to the correct universe and he was asked how he survived. He said that “it was easier for a civilized man to act like a barbarian than it was for a barbarian to act like a civilized man….”

Now, this makes me wonder who this could be for? I am thinking the GOP contrasting Nikki Haley with the other candidates.

Anyway, here is the body of the email….


XXXXX XXXXX has a focus group coming up next week on Tuesday, Jan 19th.

If you are interested and available please let us know.

We need to know if you are registered to vote ?
Do you consider yourself to be a democrat, republican or independant?

And provide us with a number where you can be reached and we will call to provide details.
Or you can call 843-XXX-XXXX and mention that you received this email.


What do you think?