I am tired. But I cannot just 'sit' and do nothing any longer.

That is it.  I am done.

I am no longer just going to sit idly while the world comes crashing down around my three young children.

I am 36 yrs old.  My father is 67 yrs old.  My oldest son is 5 yrs old.  My middle son is 4, and youngest daughter is 2 (almost).  There is 31 years between all three generations on my line of the family.  Two days ago, my father confessed to me that he is worried for me that he will not recognize America by the time he departs.  That got me to thinking…long and hard.  I have my three children that I care for and I am watching a “Representative” from the Left-Coast proposing to spend their futures into oblivion.  I want Congress and the Administration out of my kids (and grandkids) piggy-banks!

So, I am done sitting.  (but I hit a road-block of sorts….)

I cannot locate a way to contact my local GOP committee chair to become a committeeman.  So, out of frustration, I have contacted my Congressional Rep., Henry Brown, Jr (R-SC1).  Here is my letter to him.

Rep. Brown,

I would like to become a Republican Committeeman for Berkeley County.

However, I cannot locate (other than a Facebook Page that my office firewall will not allow me to penetrate) a webpage to contact the Republican Committee Chairman to place my request.  If you could provide some assistance to me in some contact information, I would appreciate it.

I am interested in furthering our shared Conservative Principles within the Republican Party, and I feel that we must do everything in our power to save this Great Republic and our children from the corrupt and morally bankrupt Progressive and Liberal agenda.

Furthermore, thank you for standing beside Rep. Wilson this week and remaining steadfast in your opposition to the Speaker’s and other Democrat Leadership’s reckless spending.  You justify my vote with your every vote in opposition.

Thank you, sir.  You are a credit to our District, our State, and the United States.

Here is to a speedy reply.

Anyone else have any ideas or offer any assistance?

I live in the First Congressional District for South Carolina, Berkeley County.

Thanks All….