Sometimes it is better to just Shut Up

I have posted a few comments today, based on the latest drone-fest from Dear Leader.  And as most of them relate to Obamacare, I would like to consolidate some of those thoughts here.

I have three kids.  Ages 5, 4, and 2.  And like most responsible Dads, I worry and plan for the future of my kids.  Now I am worried that they will have no future….

Something that has not gotten much fluff from the MSM, especially in light of the latest ramblings, is that the WH has asked for a raise in the debt ceiling.  REALLY?  Do they really think that we do not have enough debt?  We need more????

That aside, WHY do we need more debt?  I was told last night, along with the rest of the world, that we are going to be just fine.  It is all sunshine and roses (wait, or was that just Joe’s teeth and Nancy’s Botox behind him….?)  This ‘plan’ is not going to add “one dime” to the debt.  So why the increase request?  Why is 10 Trillion not enough?

Let me break it to you, in case you don’t already know the answer….  10 Trillion isn’t enough, cuz, he has doubled-down on this debacle passing both houses and he KNOWS (this is me calling him a Liar…  “LIAR, LIAR, PANTS ON FIRE!!!  RUN AWAY BEFORE THE LIGHTNING STRIKES HIM AND KILLS US ALL!”) that this will add to the deficit.  But, true to his word, it will not be “one dime”.  It will be 100 Trillion dimes.

But, I digress.  “Better to Shut Up” is the title, and back to that.

My son (the 5 yr old) talks less than this guy.  And like my son, he gets in trouble when he talks to much and starts ticking off the parental units.  Unlike my son, however, he does not shut up when he gets in trouble.  For some damn reason, he talks MORE.  Where I am from (West-By-God-Virginia) we call that a vicious circle.  The more he speaks, the more he gets in trouble, the more he speaks….  It is like Meth Logic.  “I do meth so I can work longer hours so I can get paid more so I can buy more meth so I can work longer hours…….”  You get the point.

What makes it worse, it isn’t only THAT he is still talking, it is also WHAT he is saying.  Calling the very people who elected you LIARS is not very smart for a Harvard University educated individual.  Especially if you are lying about the liars and those ‘liars’ can prove it.

Also, ultimatums do not go over well.  Telling us “people will die” while we debate his plan doesn’t go well when everyone knows NOT ONE SINGLE PART OF THIS PLAN GOES INTO EFFECT FOR ANOTHER FOUR YEARS!  Your urgency, Mr President, seems misplaced.

In closing, an old Maintenance Master Chief Petty Officer once told me:  “AT2, don’t go about making waves.  You will sink your own boat.”

President Obama:  Wave Maker-In-Chief.  …Fair Winds and Following Seas, USS Obamacare.

My advice?  Abandon ship, Blue Dogs.  Abandon ship.

–> Greg