Colorado Could Turn Budget Deficit Into Surplus If Illegal Aliens Deported

A new poll shows that 61% of Coloradans want a copy of Arizona’s 1070 law allowing law enforcement to investigate those they encounter who exhibit “reasonable suspicion” of being an illegal alien.

A recent study by the Federation for American Immigration Reform discovered that illegal aliens cost Colorado taxpayers more than $1.1 billion per year, or about $612 per household.  Additionally, between $730 million and $1 billion per year of wages paid to illegal aliens is sent out of the country instead of being reinvested in local communities.

Since 2000, the population of illegal aliens in Colorado has nearly doubled, rising to over 270,000 illegal aliens.  Including children born to illegal aliens, this number is even higher, and has accounted for 35% of the state’s population growth over this time period.

More than 10% of the students in Colorado public schools are the children of illegal aliens, costing the taxpayers $11,000 each per year, for an annual total of $925 million.  Another $68 million per year is spent on programs for ‘limited English students’, who are mostly the children of illegal aliens.  These costs do not include the costs to the federal government incurred by illegal aliens in the Colorado public education system.

Illegal aliens cost Colorado taxpayers $82 million per year.  This does not include the health care costs which are charged to the federal government or the higher premiums paid by Coloradans to help cover costs incurred by illegal aliens in Colorado.

Colorado taxpayers pay $38 million per year to incarcerate illegal aliens in Colorado.  This estimate only covers a small portion of the cost of criminal aliens to Colorado.  Not included in the estimate are the costs to the federal government, law enforcement costs, costs to the judicial system, and the impact of the crimes themselves.

The minimum cost of $1.1 billion per year to the Colorado budget due to illegal aliens is double the current Colorado budget deficit of $560.7 million.  If illegal aliens left the state of Colorado, this $560.7 budget deficit would turn into a surplus of about the same amount.  One suspects that the percentage of Coloradans in favor of enacting an Arizona-style law would be even higher, if these figures were widely known.