Illegal Immigration is American Suicide


Walter Rodgers has a really good article in the Christian Science Monitor about illegal immigration from Latin America. There is nothing much I can add to this. I recommend you click the link and read this one yourself. He starts the piece with an arresting anecdote:

Walking the sandy beachfront in this ultra-affluent city, I chanced upon two Hispanic men rummaging through the trash. Startled at the sight, I stared momentarily. One of them yelled at me, “You look now, but in 50 years we will own all this!” Given the tsunami of illegal immigration and the prolific Hispanic birthrate, I responded, “I believe you will.”

Rodgers again draws upon his own experience to illustrate the contempt many illegal aliens have for America:

I witnessed this grudge up close a few years ago at Texas A&M International University in Laredo. Hispanic students challenged me, claiming any restriction of illegal immigration across the US southern border with Mexico is a violation of Latinos’ human rights.

Me: “Would you try to reenter Spain without a passport?

Students: “Of course not.”

Me: “What about France, or Britain?”

Students: “No.”

Yet many of these illegal Latino immigrants suffer the illusion they are divinely entitled to colonize the US – and not just the states bordering Mexico, but Chicago and the East Coast as well.

We all know the social problems of the growing illegal alien underclass: extraordinary high school drop out rates, authoritarian values, deassimilation, ghettoization in ethnic enclaves, drug trafficking, joining violent gangs like MS-13. We also know that big business uses the “nativism” canard to justify importing a servant class of groundskeepers, nannies, and pool boys from the Third World.

What we don’t hear much about is this divine sense of entitlement shared by so many illegals. The Left doesn’t seem to have a problem with “Manifest Destiny” so long as the American majority gets to play the role of the Indians. Under multiculturalism, aggressive Hispanic ethnic chauvinism flies under the innocent banners of “human rights” and “social justice.”

America seems determined to commit national suicide … and the rest of the West eager to follow us off the cliff.