Conservatives Winning Across Europe

After years of leftist advancement across the political landscape of Europe, a phenomenon is happening: the traditionalist conservative/right wing forces are recapturing lost ground and giving us a glimpse into the future of European survival. Yesterday in Italy, Lega Nord, the right-wing patriotic movement of Italy, became a force to be reckoned with in Berlusconi’s right-wing coalition government. In the local elections across Italy, the right wing parties threw the left in retreat, despite the economically difficult times in Italy. Times are now very hopeful for the conservative/right movement. Europe is ripe for the picking.

2008 was the year that the foundation for the resurgence of the Right began, mainly in the Netherlands, Denmark, Austria, Bavaria and Italy. Later, in the 2009 EU Elections, the Right exploded onto the front stage, throwing the Left into a frenzy. Now in 2010, there are key signs showing that even a realm such as Europe, long thought to be so far gone to the Left that it could never return, can start to make the move back to the traditionalist roots it once so tightly embraced. If the Right can keep the traction in 2010, it stands to take back Europe in the not so distant future.


On Sunday and Monday, the Italian people in went to the polls in their local elections. Much of the Italian press was reporting that the socialist left was planning a comeback, due to Italy’s rising unemployment and eroding economy. However the exact opposite is true. Silvio Berlusconi’s People for Freedom (PDL) party, made tremendous gains against the left by taking control of four more regions.

Even more unexpected, Lega Nord, the right-wing coalition partner of the PDL, threw the left out of power in all of the northern regions of Italy. After the ecstatic victory, Lega Nord leader Umberto Bossi declared, “”The left no longer exists in the north….” Lega Nord will now work to increase federalism in the Italian political structure and create and enforce more laws limiting immigration numbers.

Now there is one interesting element in these elections. The voter turnout was the lowest in 15 years, which shows a great since of apathy and disaffectedness of Italian voters. But, after seeing the results, it is not the patriots of Italy that are apathetic and disaffected, it is the leftist voters that are losing their motivation to fight for their revolutionary cause. These election results in Italy give us great reason for hope that Italy, along with the rest of Europe, can make the necessary steps to begin turning around the economic and immigration issues that are destroy the very foundation of the Western world.


Austria, not having received as great a guilt trip for World War Two as Germany did, is one of the leading nations rebelling against the Revolutionary specter of Europe. The two main right-wing parties, the FPÖ (Austrian Freedom Party) and the BZÖ (Alliance for the Future of Austria) together filled the void in the 2008 parliamentary elections by being the only two right-wing parties to gain seats, the others going to the Greens. The establishment Left and the establishment Right lost a significant amount of ground in 2008. This was the trumpet sound for Austria. Now, FPÖ is on the move again. They have announced that Barbara Rosenkranz is going to challenge the socialist president Heinz Fischer in the 2010 presidential elections.

Now, chances are that Rosenkranz will not be able to defeat Fischer. Fischer is one of the last popular candidates of the Austrian left. However, the interesting fact is that no other right-wing party is running a candidate. So in this election, the FPÖ is taking center stage against the Left. This is unprecedented in Austrian election history where a solid right-wing candidate has decided to take on the Left in this manner. The early polls indicate that Rosenkranz will probably not win, but that is not where the Right’s victory lies. It lies in the fact that the Right now has the power and the momentum to make such a great stride as this. If the FPÖ can hold strong in this election, they will set themselves up for a greater victory in the next parliamentary and presidential elections.

The Netherlands

After the coalition government fell apart in February, the Dutch have had to hold another general election which will be held on June 9. In the Netherlands, much like Austria, the left is in trouble. The establishment Left and fringe Left (except for the Socialist party) as well the establishment right, the Christian Democratic Appeal, have been losing seats. Filling the void is Geert Wilders and his Party for Freedom (PVV). Geert Wilders is, without a doubt, the model of the emerging European Right. His politically incorrect and blatant style is winning the hearts and minds of not just a large portion of Dutchmen, but other Europeans and Americans as well. Currently the PVV has only nine seats in the Dutch lower house, but after recent polling, the PVV is expected to jump to 27, maybe even 30 seats, while the center-right Christian Democratic Appeal only polling 33. That would practically force the establishment Right to accept the PVV into a coalition, which could begin to spell C-H-A-N-G-E for the Netherlands.

The Greens and other small leftist parties have gained ground in local elections, but it hardly compares to the growing success of the PVV. The PVV will not become the dominant political party of the Netherlands in one election cycle, but then again, neither did the American Republican party when it first exploded onto the political scene as a third party.

United Kingdom

Britain’s status is still up in the air. Her politics are much like American politics in that there are two overwhelmingly dominant left and center left parties, with a few loud independents and third parties that do not gain much political ground. In other words, the British Revolutionary movement, will be a hard egg to crack. However, there are signs of hope. The UK Independence Party (UKIP) and its anti-European Union message are making tracks across the UK and the party is rising in popularity. Additionally, the British National Party, having already gained two seats in the EU elections of 2009, stand to gain even more ground and enter into the parliamentary elections this year. Moreover, the Scottish National Party is also ahead of the Labour Party and will most likely pick up seats in the UK parliament, giving more momentum to the Scots and their independence movement.

Tragically though, the established “Left-Right” paradigm still exists in Britain and it will take some time for it to be broken. David Cameron and his Conservative Party will win over Gordon Brown’s disgraced Labour Party, but the leftism will still continue to flow into Britain until the true right parties begin to gain ground. But Britain should not be written off just yet; she may yet be able to turn it around.

Socialism’s Failure

One last note of importance. The European Union has just decided to bailout the Greek economy. The erosion of the European economy, though tragic, is in some ways good. The European Union is an infant with a terminal illness. Socialism’s great experiment in Europe is falling apart, not because of the attacks of the Right, but because of Socialism’s inherent inability to understand the nature of man. With the continuing collapse of the European Union, the knowledge of Socialism’s failure will increase and give the freedom movements more legitimacy and momentum.

Europe will not be taken back in one election cycle, that is obvious. But we must appreciate the patience and resilience of the Left. They did not come to where they are by going from zero to sixty. They took their time and worked for long hours into the night for decades. If the Right continues to press forward, speak the truth by using facts and coming up with solutions rather than being reactionary, the Right can beat the Left in Europe. The Left is exposed and the socialist establishment in Brussels is nervous. They would not sanction Austria in 1999 when the FPÖ entered politics or reprimand the UKIP in the EU Parliament without reason unless they were afraid of something. Victory is attainable, but it will not come without continued sacrifice of body and soul against the forces of darkness, which is the tyranny of the Left.