Boycott DC, not AZ

So the Los Angeles City Council has voted to boycott Arizona over its new immigration law.  This nauseating display of moral vanity comes on the same day the Pew Research Center reports on a new poll showing that the American people support the law by a commanding 59%-32%.  Heck, Pew found that Democrats are split, with 46% opposed and 45% in support.  So we have the City of Los Angeles boycotting Arizona over a law that Americans overwhelmingly support.  Only in America!

But since the Arizona law mirrors federal law, shouldn’t LA boycott DC as well?  Hmmm.

Meanwhile, Rasmussen is out with a new poll showing that support for repeal of the health car law is holding steady; 56% favor repeal while just 37% are opposed. Given these kinds of numbers, you’d think if any law was ripe for inciting a boycott, it would be health care – enacted using parlimentary tricks to shove it down the throat of an unwilling and unsupportive public. Maybe we should organize a boycott of DC until health care bill is repealed?