Rasmussen: Hayworth closing in on McCain

Rasmussen Reports is out with a new poll showing JD Hayworth gaining significant ground on John McCain.  Rasmussen finds a mere 7 point lead (48%-41%) for McCain.  In January, Rasmussen had McCain ahead by 22 points (53%-31%), so this new poll represents a 15 point swing in Hayworth’s favor.  More troubling for McCain is that he is under 50 percent – generally considered a sign of an incumbent in trouble. 

What makes this result even more impressive is that the poll was conducted in the immediate aftermath of a bad week for the Hayworth campaign (its campaign consultant left and an attempted cheeky comment about gay marriage went horribly wrong) and over $1 million on negative advertising by the McCain campaign.  All in all, this has to be very encouraging for the Hayworth campaign and shows that McCain is beatable.