New Hampshire Predictions!

Before I start off with what i think here is the current polling according to RCP: RCP Average 1/25 – 2/1 —

Trump Cruz Kaisch Bush Rubio Chris Fior Cars Paul Huck Sant
33.7 11.5 11.3 10.5 10.2 5.8 3.5 3.2 2.8 0.5 0.3 Trump +22.

As you can see Trump has a crazy lead among the other contenders and I will be shocked if Trump goes down and if he does…….. he should really evaluate his campaign and getting people to vote for him since he has been leading since the early summer. The real fight is for 2nd & 3rd place, Cruz, Rubio, Bush, Kaisch, (Christie looks like he peaked). As A bush supporter i really hope he can outpace rubio or place top 3 which doesn’t look too hard here. I think everyone will be coming for Rubio now. Christie has already started attacking him about his inexperience etc. Rubio is on the upswing and New Hampshire is a true test to see if his “3-2-1” plan will work. Kaisch on the other hand is putting his life in this state, it is giving me deja vu from in 2012 when John Huntsman put his whole campaign into New Hampshire and dropped out the same night, I see Kaisch doing the same thing. I see Bush, Cruz, and Rubio the most viable to come top 3 in this state, and have the resources and money to push them ahead. I am going to be curious of how Trump is going to come after ending up placing in 2nd in the iowa caucus. The most to lose in NH is mostly the mainstream republican like bush ,kaisch, and christie who are putting their whole campaign into this state and is a make or break moment for them.

My top 5 Prediction: 1. Trump 2. Bush/ Rubio 3. Cruz 4. Kaisch 5. Christie

what do you think the first primary in the nation will do?