The Simple Path to Conservative Control of Washington

The path for Conservatives to take control of the Federal Government and most State governments is so easy and simple it defies comprehending why it hasn’t happened.  What stands between Conservatives and a Super Majority in government is found in their fear of being labeled.  No one wants the word RACIST or BIGOT seen in the same sentence as their name, but this fear is overblown, and, actually works to enhance the election/re-election chances for politicians who adopt this path.

What topic can drawn the venom of Progressives and at the same time deliver massives votes???  Blue Collar White Males – and their families is the answer.  This group represent around 40 million votes that are seldom exercised.  If half of this group cast a ballot, the Progressive Left, their power, and legacy will crumble.  Since the early 1970s when Democrats launched Affirmative Action policies to disenfranchise white males, and secure a permanent voting in block in blacks, this group of voters have seen politicians avoid mentioning, let alone doing something to amend their second class citizen status.  Truly, BCWMs replaced blacks as the only group the Left and their propaganda arm openly mock, discredit, and work to further erode their political status and public opinion about the group.   The pejorative view of Democrats towards BCWMs is seen on every TV sit-com produced.

What would drive Democrats to treat this group so poorly?  It’s simple – Progressive know this group poses the greatest danger to their hold on political power, the phony equality assertions they make, AND, it enables their use of identity politics.  If BCWMs ever regain the access to employment and advanced academics that are currently reserved and allocated based solely upon: race, sex, and sexual behaviors BCWMs will disprove the failed assertions the Left promugates on ABility, Equality, and Parity.  Keeping BCWMs in the shadows and under persistent attack assures the sanctioned groups of the Left (Minorities, women, homosexuals, etc…) never face real competition, nor are they comparatively evaluated – in the workplace or academe.  The reasons why all the qualifications were “dumbed-down” for inclusion’s sake become exposed.  BCWMs must be kept down or the Democrat’s house of cards collpases and Conservatives would begin receiving votes on a scale the Democrats party cannot endure.  

If half of this group’s votes were gained, a massive landslide ensues.  Victory by over ten million votes is a wave that cannot be ignored.  Super-majority control would enable Conservatives to overturn the insidious policies enacted over the past 50 years with the support of a majority of voters.  The potential positive impact of these changes could actual stop the decline and perhaps salvage the nation.

Restoring the civil rights of this group by ending Affirmative Action (AA) laws and the race crimes associated with those laws is the way to draw support from BCWMs.  The reality is the language in the Civil Rights laws specifically names the treatment BCWMs have endured since the AA laws were scribed as criminal actions.  AA was to be a TEMPORARY action, but is one that grew to command a division of the DOJ.  Implementing the plethora of ancillary lawmaking requires large amounts of resources be dedicated within every agency in federal and state governments.  What ever the gains AA laws were meant to deliver, they long ago achieved that benchmark.  The target groups’ behavioral and achievement measuables are considerably worse today than when AA was enacted.  AA policies have worked to injure the group it targeted – and BCWMs.

Were restoring the civil rights of BCWMs declared as the number one plank in the party platform and the votes of this group of men and their families sought – the votes will follow.  Reading the words of the civil rights laws and showing the disparity in the reality that define the lives of this group is a speech so fundamental and rudimentary even a politician can do it.  If Conservatives truly want what they claim, they must strap on courage, withstand the verbals blows of racist and bigot, share this idea with others, and work to get out the votes of BCWMs.