Low Attention, Zero Liability, et al - Stupid Voters

Regardless of the names used, these are the stupid among us.  I refuse to any longer contort my language to the Left’s conventions.  Step one in overturning their power is to remove their restrictions on language which forces a Conservative to argue on the Left’s terms.

The Stupid are numerous.  Estimates range between 47% and over 50% of the US population – not surprisingly these are the same folks who rely upon government handouts to subsist.  They vote themselves a pay hike each election cycle.  They cannot negotiate life on their own… they need help.  They are also termed “In-Need, At Risk, Working Americans”  (problem is they work as little as possible.)  Expecting the Stupid to rationally consider political issues is also STUPID.  The Stupid’s mental abilities are barely above the hunter-gatherer.  They concern themselves with immediacy – shiny, new trinkets and assorted material objects associated with wealth.  They make no long term plans.  They live in the here and now.  Tomorrow (and any fiscal troubles therein) can be damned.  They want IT now!

The Stupid hate anyone with more substance than they – HATE!   The war against the wealthy has millions of volunteers.  The Stupid are also typically poor.  That correlate is important.  Because the relationship defines the problem facing America – as it was formed vs how Progressive want it to become.  Progressives want more Stupid voters.  They bribe their votes with government handouts and use the rich as their foil.  It’s a Stupid simple tactic that works when the numbers of the Stupid reach critical mass.  They have.

Fortunately, there are millions of Americans who are not Stupid – but they do not vote.  50% of eligible voters refuse to participate in elections.  They see no difference in the political parties.  They are right in their assessment.  Who are these voters who refuse to vote?  They are typically white, blue-collar men and their families.  Why do they not vote?  No politician dares represent their wants – ending Affirmative Action (AA) programs and laws based upon Affirmative Action/civil rights laws.  Blue collar workers are the ones most impacted by affirmative action laws.  Jobs that require an advanced degrees are immune to AA laws.  The degree and other requisite aspects of the job preclude racial considerations – typically.  AA laws impact the middle and lower rungs of the employment ladder.  Those jobs are filled with anyone with a pulse who can be trained – enter the AA hires.  The non-voters and their parents, and their grand-parents have faced a tilted playing field.  They are never considered for government jobs, or jobs related to government work due to their skin color or ethnic heritage, or sexual preference, or their sex.  White women can negotiate the majority of AA barriers due to their sex.  Blue-collar, white men, however, face daunting barriers in employment, college admissions, government programs – anything that receives government dollars must adhere to AA laws.  THese people have given up hope they will ever live in an America that treats them equally.

These white men are attacked and ridiculed by Progressives.  Progressive know, if ever these people became politically active – they are finished as a political entity.  Consider… now most elections turn on 5-7% of the electorate.  Add to this mix half of those eligible – and we would see landslide victories for conservative issues.  Why are the first words out a Progressive’s mouth when facing conflict – racist, bigot, hater, phobe?  They are speaking to these white men – trying to intimidate them.  We have all seen the zero tolerance afforded those suspected of race crimes.  Don Imus, Mike Richards, Jimmy the Greek, and many, many more have lost their jobs, reputations and future considerations for running afoul of race crimes.  Race criminals receive a permanent mark and their crimes are repeated ad nauseum – lest anyone forget.  These white men are also smart.  At least they are smarter than the Stupid voter.

Think about it…  Ask questions.  We all know white people who refuse to vote.  Ask them if they would change their views if someone acted to overturn AA laws.  I have.  I was amazed at the reactions I encountered.  A brief study of history also shows if a politician “Hints” they will work on AA laws they get more votes.  Remember the Willie Horton ad Bush I ran?  That is an example of what happens when these voters see a glimmer of hope.  There are millions of untapped votes just waiting for some politician to demand true equality for all races and end AA laws.  Segregation laws only lasted 60 years. AA laws are nearing the same anniversary.  It’s time to end them and reclaim the votes of average Americans who suffer under their yoke.