Obama and Jimmy Carter - Bust-ed!

I just read some outtakes from an E-book: Lizard King – written by a supposed White House Insider.  It purports to be an insider’s view of Barak Obama and his staff.  The Daily Caller is running these book installments.  I found one incident very telling and supports my claims regarding Obama and his mental issues – He has many and they are deep and dark.  Obama needs professional counseling – counseling he will never seek.  Obama’s ego is the pivot point for his mental illness and that ego drives his actions – for good and for ill.


Most think Obama returned the Churchill bust and replaced it with one of Martin Luther King.  MLK was an alternative.  Jimmy Carter was the first choice to replace Churchill.  Why would Obama choose Carter – the most reviled and failed president of the 20th century?  The reasons point to Obama’s mental illnesses – brought on by his father abandoning him at birth.

The book reports “It hinted at a self-destructive undercurrent that seemed to exist within the president—a darkness he was fully aware of and yet unwilling to control. This tendency would become more pronounced in the coming weeks and months, but it was on display, for the first time to my eyes, on that day in the Oval Office. His decision to return President Bush’s bust of Winston Churchill and replace it with one of Jimmy Carter, for example, made it appear as if the president was actually trying to antagonize both those closest to him and the country at large.”

Rahm Emanuel went ballistic when he saw the Carter bust and made no excuses for stating it was a Crisis waiting to happen for Obama.  Rahm was supposed to be Obama right hand man – but that role was filled and remains filled by Valerie Jarrett a Chicago pal and crony.  She is his Obama’s Most Trusted Ally.

I was at a meeting in the Oval Office when Rahm first saw the Carter bust sitting across from the president’s desk, and his reaction was thirty seconds of nonstop, almost incoherent profanity. It was a rather mesmerizing, almost feral performance that ended with him storming in and out of the room before he tried to just smash the thing, only stopping himself at the last minute. And yet the whole time the president just sat there, smiling, and at one point winking at Valerie Jarrett. I smiled too, assuming the president was just looking to have some fun with his excitable chief of staff. The president, as usual, was sitting alone with Jarrett when we came in.”

“The president insisted that Carter was a great man, and that he just needed “more time” to accomplish “his great mission.”–

Sound familiar?  Wanting more time is Obama’s stump speech this campaign.  He hasn’t inflicted enough damage – apparently.  Nor had Carter – by Obama’s measure.

 Obama’s courting of homosexuals and Emanuel’s recent actions with Chik Fil-A over the company’s reported anti-gay posture makes the following inexplicable and an indication of how Rahm and Obama really feel towards gays.

 “You’ll look out of touch and faggy if you keep it there,” Rahm said. “Mitch McConnell will be on the phone with every reporter in Washington telling them how faggy you look with that fucking peanut farmer looking over you.”

 “Listen, a second Carter administration would have been truly momentous,” Obama said. I was actually curious why the president had, seemingly overnight, become so smitten with the generally unloved Carter, but was cut off by Rahm.  “You’re right, Mr. President,” Rahm said. “A second Carter administration would have been momentous. Momentously faggy, at least.”

Rahm looked around to see if anyone was smiling at his quip. Nobody was, and I really wished he would stop using that word. This side of Rahm—the middle school, towel- snapping bully side of Rahm—was far and away his least attractive quality.

“Seriously, though, the Carter tribute is not smart,” he said. “Axe will back me up on this, and so will the oppo guy.” I nodded. Axelrod shrugged.

“It’s just an unnecessary complication,” Axelrod said. “It will just weird people out, you know?”

Obama and Jarrett made and held eye contact for a good five seconds. Both their faces were blank.

“Fine, we’ll lose the bust,” Obama said. “Oh, and also, we’re going to keep the prison at Gitmo open. Cool?”

We learn that Obama and Emanuel will use anti-gay epithets when they think themselves alone.  Their professed respect of the gay lifestyle is obviously another lie – if the author’s account is factual.  Obama’s fascination with Jimmy Carter helps explain why he conducted his presidency similarly – ignoring the advice of staff and making disastrous policy decisions.  Of all the people available to put in his office – choosing Jimmy Carter provides insight for many of Obama’s decisions.

We learned in the debate Obama is not the Smartest President EVER.  He is not Romney’s equal – that much is obvious.  WE also learned Obama is lost without the teleprompter.  That device is what makes him what he is.  Obama reads well – and can read convincingly.  He has mastered that task.  Who writes what appears on the teleprompter ?  Who was it that typed: 57 States, The Austrian language, Corpsman – with no phonetics, and all the other Obama foibles?  This problem reveals Obama is not concerned enough about who writes his lines for him.  If Obama has input for the teleprompter – that makes the mistakes more evidence he is not the brilliant man the press and his acolytes assert.  If it is Obama who writes the teleprompter lines – why did his staff not clean the mistakes?

The same types of mistakes were seen in the few writing examples from college while Law Review President.  Were there no support staff then or now?  Why would someone not alert Obama to the factual / grammar errors?  Does Obama realize he has surrounded himself with incompetence or people who are not as fond of him as he believes?  A grand EGO will not tolerate, or admit, better minds exist.  This is Obama’s downfall.  He refuses to employ or cede intellect to anyone.  That is particularly grating when the holder of the EGO is obviously not intellectually gifted.  Spite,  exposing the charade, motivate many to let the EGO live and die by that ego.

Obama cannot discern friend from foe and prefers his company be smaller than he – so his EGO is not challenged.  Without the teleprompter, Obama is naked.  Obama stripped of his Emperor Clothing is not an attractive sight.  The last debate proved as much.  Frankly, there is nothing Obama can do to recover.  He is what he is and his EGO will not tolerate a challenge.  He will ultimately do what he thinks best and ignore input from Lesser Minds. 

Obama loathes debating and literally hates Romney – the man and what he represents.  He shouldn’t have to debate Romney – in his world.  Ergo… Obama will not take Romney seriously.  Projection is a trait Obama and Democrat use with abandon.  Whatever they attack is their own greatest failing.  Calling Romney a Liar is the essence of this trait.  Obama also projects that his audience thinks as he thinks and believes as he believes.  This too – ignoring his own failings – will lead to defeat.  Obama cannot, will not, change his stripes before election day.  He is finished.

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