Desperation, Fear, Lies, and Acceptance

Obama and his acolytes are beinning to see the writing on the wall.  They’ve suspected it for months.  Their internal polling – that prompted them to increase oversampling Democrats – current at 13% but sure to rise more as election day gets closer – has shown a disaster ahead.  Depsite all their deceptions, attacks and ignoring damaging information, the MEDIA cannot pull away from Mitt Romney.  The slide continues.  The debate outcome was – ugly.

Where do they go from here?  No where is the answer.  By treating Obama like a frail Affirmative Action candidate who cannot endure criticism on any level, the MEDIA has left their candidate ill-prepared for debating – and for office.  Obama is lost without another person writing his words, covering his errors, and pampering him 24/7.

Obama’s laziness is also at play.  Debate prep was a drag – un-fun… droll.  Obama now expects the world to bow.  Romney should concede defeat.  That’s not happening and Obama doesn’t understand that his opponent is loaded for bear and ready to take his job.  Obama’s disinterest at the debate is evidence of years of coddling.  He shouldn’t have to try.  His life was always handed to him – affirmative action or as a result of racial intimidation.  No one bucks him!

It’s too late for Obama and his handlers to change course.  Their feeble attempt to lie once again – distorting unemployment – doesn’t add up to a 6 year-old let alone an adult; unemployed for years… or a professional statistician.  No one is buying Obama anymore.  The lies have become so shrill and unbiquitous all the public hears anymore is “Lies”.  It’s like the boy who cried wolf – with lies as the operative word.

Get out and VOTE!!!  Donate more to Romney – the country hangs in the balance.  I just sent in a large contribution.  We must take nothing for granted.  But rest assured, this debate performance will be no different than the next… and the one after that.  Obama is finished.