The Democrat War on White Men - an Essay

There is one reason Barak Obama won the Presidency and secured the votes of whites to win it.  He promised to heal race relations in America.  For whites, healing race relation is code for ending affirmative action, AA.  Obama knew that.  That’s why he said it.  AA policy is a scourge that has divided Americans since its inception.  But Democrats knew whites would resist a policy that purposely placed them at the back of the line and gave opportunities to people who were not qualified, experienced, or credentialed for those opportunities – regardless of the compassion stated.  To enforce a policy like AA, harsh punishments were needed.  Democrats set upon a path to make Racist akin to serial killer or child rapist.  They needed a club like racist to cow politicians and the public.

Democrats hate White Men.  They have worked to create policies to punish them since the early 1960s.  There’s a reason for it – it’s payback for rejecting the bizarro Democrat policies and favoring personal responsibility. Bribing votes is the only way Democrats can retain power. Once Democrat policies lost the support of the main stream, Democrats were forced to gather votes from segments of society that were once taboo – homosexuals, atheists, and others like eco-ideologues who reject religion – replacing it with a political Cause. Democrats were challenged to alter societal norms to incorporate these once taboo groups into the larger society. Forcing society to accept the once taboo behaviors was a challenge that only the power of the federal government can accomplish. Democrats have a Zero-Sum mentality. For one group to gain, another group must suffer.

White Men were Democrats loudest critics. White Men refused to accept the Democrat experimentation and most stopped voting Democrat. These men were also encouraging others to reject the Democrat Party. This came to head in the mid 1960s shortly after the Madelyn Murray O’Hare decision that removed school prayer = Democrat abandoned traditional religion and its adherents. Civil Rights laws were enacted. The birth control pill came of age – enabling women to control pregnancies and potentially work full time. The political turmoil of the 1960s drove regular Americans to seek tradition and stability away from the Democrat Party.  The Convention in 1968 was a watermark. That was when radicals demonstrated and rioted.  Those same people now head the Democrat Party.  Additionally, Democrats knew their opposition to civil rights did not bode well. They adopted a new political idiom to directly purchase the votes of their new constituents and hopefully lure others with handouts. Affirmative Action laws were one of a set of new handouts Democrats created to buy votes and punish critics.

White Men in unions are tolerated and helped by Democrats – but only if they fall in line to punish other White Men. In the same way union members screw over the less senior members of a union, white union members throw their racial brothers to the metaphorical curb when it comes to equality and civil rights. White Men are the group directly and negatively impacted by 60 years of Democrat policy making. These policies were presented as: Long over due, Fair, Only offering a leg up for minorities – deprived of endemic in-equality and opportunity. Democrats promised NO Quotas would arise. Senate Majority leader Hubert Humphrey said he would eat the bill if quotas ever arose. He never did. Democrats used these policies to buy the votes of Diverse Dependence Groups. 

AA policies gave jobs, promotions, and other opportunities to sanctioned Democrat groups whether they qualified for the jobs or opportunities or not. If the groups hired could not perform the jobs as historically constructed, the requirements were dumbed down and/or the physical requirements alleviated. If after these changes the new hire remained incapable of performing the job, more people were hired to Paper-Over the missing skills and abilities. Democrats are fine with that – as it assures more votes.

Racial and sexual quotas precluded White Men from consideration in these opportunities. When legitimate complaints were raised and the sanctioned minorities shown unable to perform – a re-evaluation of the policies were not forthcoming. Judicial activism and more strident policies were issued – to punish anyone with the temerity to challenge the policies – RE: Democrat vote buying and disenfranchising White Men. The term Racist become the ubiquitous label affixed to those who bucked the AA system. The racist label is like a tattoo. It can’t be removed and results in the wearer being punished and mocked for the remainder of their lives. Most lost their livelihoods, opportunity for promotion, or access to any opportunity where government dollars were “invested”. Overtime, after losing specious law suits and other government incentives – IRS audits, EEOC investigations, et al – businesses fell in line and changed their operations to comply with AA mandates.

White Men were the original focus and remain the focus of AA policy making. These policies were not created to be helpful to minorities. The purpose was to buy their votes. Punishing White Men – depriving them of their civil rights was another. But dis-spiriting white men, making them political pariahs was the unspoken goal. That goal was affected by removing their political influence. Democrats have been very successful in these ambitions using the power of the federal, then state, then local governments to label troublemakers Racists. With no good paying job, or the associations within those jobs, White Men lost influence.  They could not afford to contribute to political campaigns and the mere mention of changing AA laws was suicide.

White Men were politically neutered and forgotten about. Democrats believed policy changes had permanently changed society to enable them to illegally buy votes – this practice is fundamentally Bribery; and it is the Democrat’s means of gaining political power. However, Democrats must constantly rearrange the deck chairs on this Titanic monstrosity. There is competition for the money they hand out. There are other issues. Democrats must make accepting government handouts acceptable. They must make a household where the wife is the primary breadwinner acceptable. Democrats created Boogie Men and villains to blame for the failures of their dependents – Rich WHITE Men. Democrats worked to install tax policies that steal the wealth of these men and give it to Democrat dependents. Making this theft and bribery not only acceptable – but the fair and proper thing to do is job #1 for Democrats. The problems are many, but the main one is this practice is unsustainable. The Rich do not own enough wealth to bribe everyone Democrats need to retain political power. 

 Eventually, White Men stopped voting. No one would stand up for their Constitutionally ordered civil rights. They were disenfranchised. Democrat’s had successfully dis-spirited white Men to think both parties were the same. Republican were silenced with threats of racism. Neither party would mention this inequality. Championing the civil rights of white Men – their Constitutionally ordered rights was out of the question – that too was suicide.

 50% of eligible voters don’t’ vote. In some locations more than 50% don’t vote. Why 50% don’t vote is not open to speculation. There is one reason why that 50% refuse to vote. I’ve met and discussed this topic with them.  The majority of those non-voters are disaffected White Men. Their wives and girlfriends find reasons to vote. Democrats offer them and every other sanctioned group a subsidy to vote. That is the Democrat way. Many white Men have grown content to live off the extra income their females earn due to Democrat policies. But, ultimately, having a wife bring home the bacon is a insult to their masculinity. Democrats know most White Men resists a handout. The majority prefer to earn their way legitimately. Democrats had to convince their supporters taking their hand outs was not an indication of failure. Democrats targeted The Rich. Democrats assert The Rich illegitimate gained their wealth- wealth that really belonged to Democrats supporters. The Rich were no better than the Democrat dependent. Were it not for some unfair advantage – the Rich would dependent upon the hand out too. Obama has stated this – the Rich “Did Not Earn, or Build their Wealth” – others helped them or they inherited the wealth. This Democrat mainstay excuses the failures of Democrats supporters and gave them a target for their frustrations, greed and envy.

 Democrats have worked to change the culture in many ways. The work is ongoing. Women would prefer not carrying the breadwinner responsibility – but they are realists who know the opportunities for White Men are few. Women also made a decision – to contingency plan using the government as their surrogate /husband/provider should their personal relationships go awry. This has long term impact upon the family and divorce. This is why a majority of women side with Democrats. Women know the game afoot and have one foot on each side of the debate. Women hear the frustrations and see the endemic barriers placed against their Men. IF their men fail, the government will provide for them.

Blue-collar white Men need a rallying point for change. This must be organized under the banner of a large and powerful organization. White Men must be shown they can affect change. These Men are so desperate – even an obscure and meaningless promise to “think about” changing AA policy is enough to secure their votes. Remember the Willie Horton ad George Bush senior ran against Dukakis? That is the type of indirect reference that inspires White Men to occasionally vote.  When Obama promised to heal race relations, he directly appealed to their prayers.

 The Tea Party claims they are the purveyors of Constitutional Liberty – but even they only brush against the fringe of this issue. They refuse to address it head on. Early on, Democrats saw the Tea Party MIGHT actually support the rights of white Men and immediately attacked them as Racists. The TP backed off and went about proving they were not racist – which can never be done. Proving a negative is impossible. The TP’s commitment to Constitutional Order “IMPLIES” equal liberty for all – regardless of race – is an unspoken part of their political vision. That is not enough.

There are genuine problems reaching these non-voting White Men. They are literally salt of the earth types . They are Men who work with their hands and backs. They know little about computer and cell technology, and, they stopped paying attention to political ramblings long ago. When they were young, a few believed a political party would help them. They learned their efforts were a waste of time. They know they are screwed and no one will take up the job to assure the civil rights of every citizen are not sacrificed to an antiquated and illegal rubric. 

The AA rubric has actually harmed more than the White Men it was adopted to punish. The workplace has evolved overtime due to the policies. It now concentrates as much on racial and sexual compliance as it does to productivity and efficiency. Few will even mention the plight of White Men. They are the forgotten generation(s) of our time – the sons and grandsons of the Greatest Generation.

Affirmative Action policies that favor any sex or group over white Men are ubiquitous and purposeful. They are placed to discourage and defeat white Men from becoming politically active and bar them from opportunity. Democrats know these men have historically accomplished great things.  They do not want them working alongside their sanctioned hires and exposing the disparity in ability and work ethic.  

No politician will champion their loss of freedom and equality. White Men are treated the same as blacks were treated prior to the civil rights laws enactment, and no politician or political party will even acknowledge the unequal discriminatory treatment they face. It’s worse than the political version though. Politicians additionally refuse to protect the meager jobs available to them. 

 Construction was once the last respite for White Men – because most were forced to form very small businesses that typically included them and a friend. No more. Illegal aliens have taken many of the jobs that once belonged to them. Politicians, even Republican politicians, refuse to enact laws that protect these jobs and enforce immigration policies. Cheap labor and the contributions of large construction firms have further diminished their ability to retain construction jobs.

A new Menace sits on the horizon. This Menace will further disable White Men’s abilities to retain employment. The New Green and Energy Building Codes – proffered by the Department of Energy and EPA will be the death knell for construction. White Men (and most everyone else) working construction will suffer. These new building codes will mandate policies that further depress an industry already on life support.

 With 50% of the eligible voting population available, you’d think politicians might want to tap those votes. That they don’t exposes the power of the word racist and the punishments. Anyone who actually reads the Constitution and suggests it should be followed, is a racist and the MEDIA and others will attack them for wanting to re-establish slavery? Jim Crow? Jim Crow only lasted 60 years – the same amount of time AA policies have existed. This is a strong argument to make since AA policies deny White Men their civil rights. Those who could benefit from AA policies; Have benefited. The others who chose to live in a dependent state relying upon Democrat hand outs will remain there. In the end, inspiring the White Men who do not vote is the only issue. Those votes would assure Democrats never again hold political power – at least until they drop their current, divisive policies of destruction and class warfare. That would be the most healthy outcome for our nation – forcing Democrats to argue the facts, and embrace the traditions that made America strong.

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