Why is the US following a SOVIET model?

Perhaps someone can explain to me why the USA is trying to follow a failed and dangerous model of the USSR?

We have fallen to accepting the “cult of personality” that Josif Stalin was, only we have Barak Obama.

In the US, Stalin is seen for what he was:  A dictator, murderer, thief and trickster.  In the USSR of 1925-1953, he was NONE of these.  He was “The Boss.”  He had a humble youth, but rose to lead the people.  He was not a Russian (he was a Georgian) but he understood us.

When he failed, it was because “wreckers” or “counter-revolutionaries” (those opposed to “change’) stopped him or destroyed his work.

Look at Obama.  Many of his POLICIES (separated from the man) are UNpopular.  HE is popular.

How long will it take before Americans realize Obama is his polices, not his speeches?